Double for Deryl – PSC Cafe Kronborg Golf

Deryl Neufeld on the right with Tiziano Dal Pastro.

PSC Cafe Kronborg Golf
Monday, 13th January
Pleasant Valley

Cafe Kronborg golfers on Monday went to Pleasant Valley hoping the windmill would keep on turning and the course would be pleasant for all of us. Alas, this was not to be as the windmill sails were stagnant and so was our golf. There was no cat to kick so we blamed the poor condition of the greens compared with their condition a few weeks ago.


No golf course is easy but I doubt whether anybody would describe this course as difficult.

Just like our last visit only one of our group played better than handicap and that was our double winner Deryl Neufeld with his 38 points. Even our B flight, with our numerous shots, suffered with the first three places only being able to achieve 35 points each.

Hopefully there are pleasant days ahead and that our next set of results for this course shows that you need at least 40 points to win here.

We welcomed back our old friend Eddie (the eagle) Glinseck from the USA together with Anders Moller, Daniel Hirsch and Bjorguin Hallgrimsson.

A Flight (0-20)
1st Deryl Neufeld (15) 38 points
2nd Kjeld Ravn (19) 35 points
3rd Henning Olsen (20) 35 points

B Flight (21+)
1st Tiziano Dal Pastro (26) 35 points
2nd Jan Lovgreen (26) 35 points
3rd Carole Kubicki (21) 35 points

Near pins: #5 Daniel Hirsch and #13 Peter Hammond.
Longest first putt: #18 Daniel Hirsch.