‘Disco Dave’ dances down the Valley


PSC golf from Lewiinski’s Golf Society

Sunday, Nov. 3, Green Valley – Stableford

A Flight

1st Dave Driscoll (13) 42pts

2nd Peter LeNoury (10) 39pts

3rd Yui Bietry (12) 38pts

4th Thierry Petrement (14) 38pts

B Flight

1st Peter Henshaw (17) 38pts

2nd Bob Lindborg (19) 37pts

3rd Dave Boran (15) 36pts

4th Barry Tregutha (18) 35pts

Near Pins:  No 4 Paddy Jordan, No 9 Bill Peach, No 12 Steve Gibson, No 16 Peter LeNoury

Dave ‘Disco’ Driscoll, whose accomplishments have been lauded in this column several times, made another marked move on his handicap with a scintillating 42 points today.  Dave’s score for the front nine was 24 points which relates to a gross 37.  His A Flight winning and man of the match score overshadowed the fine efforts of Peter ‘the Beast’ LeNoury and Yui ‘the Beauty’ Bietry as Yui took the silver via a ladies before Gents count back over monsieur Thierry Petrement.

Dave Driscoll (left) with Peter Henshaw.Dave Driscoll (left) with Peter Henshaw.

Peter ‘the silver surfer’ Henshaw stood atop the B Flight podium with a splendid 38 points.  Bob ‘the Guru of Green valley’ Lindborg, Dave Boran, and Barry ‘the Book End’ Tregutha were strung out in one digit increments (Barry’s fourth place was by way of a favorable count back over Terry’ Pork chop’ Mangan).

Thierry Petrement, Paul Herring, Mike Holmes and Bill Peach shared the 2’s pot.

Monday, Nov. 4, Greenwood B & C – Stableford

A Flight

1st Matt Doyle (11) 38pts

2nd Dominic Downey (12) 34pts

B Flight

1st Reg McKay (16) 34pts

2nd John Heaney (20) 32pts

Co. Offaly gang man Matt Doyle left nothing to chance on this day as he suppased the entire field by a clear four points and copped the top spot in A Flight.  Matt was also the only player to better his handicap, the nearest man to him being Co. Galway’s Dominic Downey.

Scotland’s ‘Buckie boot boy’ Reg McKay was the same distance behind Matt as he stood atop the B Flight podium.  Reg was two strokes clear of Irishman John Heaney as he rounded out the flight.

No 2’s were recorded so a rollover to Tuesday.

Tuesday, Nov. 5, Bangpra – Stableford

A Flight

1st Bob Watson (4) 37pts

2nd Max Scott (4) 34pts

3rd John Pierrel (10) 33pts

B F light

1st Thierry Petrement (14) 35pts

2nd JP Gasser (11) 33pts

3rd Matt Cronin (15) 33pts

C Flight

1st Barry Oats (24) 33pts

2nd Mick Coughlan (22) 33pts

3rd Eddie Henshaw (22) 29pts

It was off to Bangpra to battle the lightning fast greens and the marauding monkeys.  But there was no monkeying around for Aussie Bob Watson as he did it best with his 37 points which topped A Flight and the day’s scores.  Bob was three clear of his Aussie mate Max Scott and five clear of the esteemed Texan John Pierrel.

Nice guy Thierry Petrement topped B Flight with a steady 35 points.  Second and third place was decided on count back as JP Maffray edged Irishman Matt Cronin for the silver.

Dropping down to C Flight we saw Barry Oats 33 points have a more favorable inward split than Ireland’s Mick Coughlan’s.  A count back was also needed to sort out the last podium place with Irishman Eddie Henshaw’s back nine containing the better maths than the unfortunate Mick Robertson.

Max Scott and John Pierrel split a handsome rollover 2’s pot.

Wednesday, Nov. 6, St. Andrews – Stableford

A Flight

1st Brian Dunbar (10) 38pts

2nd Ed Wyckoff (12) 36pts

3rd John Pierrel (10) 33pts

B Flight

1st Pierre Bietry (16) 38pts

2nd Terry Mangan (15) 38pts

3rd Reg McKay (16) 36pts

C Flight

1st Liam McGuiness (18) 40pts

2nd Fergus O’Brien (24) 39pts

3rd Jim Elphick (26) 38pts

Co. Offaly man Liam McGuiness (nothing to do with ‘Shush you know who’s’ mob) was the man of the match with a superb 40 points in C Flight.  Fellow countryman Fergus O’Brien wasn’t far back in the hot and humid conditions at 39 points.  A player for whom a return to form might be just be round the corner was Jimmy ‘two shots’ Elphick, who filled the remaining bronze place with a solid 38 points.

Pierre Bietry and Terry ‘pork chop’ Mangan, who are seemingly lauded once a week for their play, sought the comfort of B Flight to take the two top steps with two under their handicaps 38 point returns.  The luck of the Irish deserted Terry as Pierre edged him for the gold.  Scotland’s’ Buckie boot boy Reg McKay, in the unusual circumstances of finding himself in B Flight, took the third plateau on the podium.

Brian Dunbar attacked A Flight with nearly the same fervor as C Flight as his 38 points found him two clear of Ed ‘our man in the White house’ Wyckoff and five clear of John ‘Tex’ Pierrel.

Michael Prideaux, Lindsay Semple, Colin Davis and Peter Henshaw were all content as they shared the 2’s pot

Thursday, Nov. 7, Mt. Shadow – Stableford

A Flight

1st Brian Dunbar (9) 38pts

2nd Ed Wyckoff (12) 33pts

B Flight

1st Campbell Johnson (I5) 35pts

2nd Paul Herring (13) 32pts

If 38 points was successful on Wednesday, why not try it again?  Well Dave Dunbar did and the result was the same, another A Flight victory and this time the man of the match honours to boot.  Brian may not recognize (and rest assured the field will be checking) his new handicap.  Amazingly Ed ‘our man in the White house’ Wyckoff followed Brian up the podium steps again for the flight silver and second consecutive count back defeat five shots in arrears.

Top man in B Flight was Campbell Johnson with a steady 35 points; Campbell was three strokes clear of Paul Herring.

No 2’s were recorded so it’s a rollover on Monday.

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