Dines does the hat-trick

David Dines.
David Dines.

The Haven Golf Society

Wednesday, Jan. 3, Greenwood A & B – Stableford

CSS 73

Division 1(0–16)

1st David Dines (9) 38pts

2nd Brett Allen (16) 36pts

3rd Steve Evans (10) 31pts

4th Trevor Schirmer (16) 30pts

5th Andrew Purdie (7) 30pts

Division 2 (17+)

1st Tony O’Neill (26) 35pts

2nd John Wood (26) 34pts

3rd Brendan Dunne (28) 32pts

4th Graeme McMenemy (18) 30pts

5th Dave LeHane (18) 28pts

The group visited the always popular Greenwood club where the A & B courses were in play for the day.  As usual they were found to be in good condition in most areas except that the fairways had been seriously overwatered, leaving them in a sodden condition with very little run from the tees.  As a result if this it was decided to play the “lift and place” local rule.

The first division was led in by David Dines, making it the third event in a row that he had won and earning him the almost coveted Fez, which in the absence of “Hal the minder” could unfortunately not be found for the presentation.

Brett Allen celebrated his first event with the group with second place after a level handicap return to round off a very successful golfing holiday.  Steve Evans took third place followed by Trevor Schirmer after he won a count-back over Andrew Purdie.

The second division was won by Tony O’Neill with a solid one-over handicap return that was just good enough to beat John Wood into second place by a single shot.  Brendan Dunne placed third two in front of Graeme McMenemy who in turn was two ahead of fifth placed Dave LeHane.

There were no 2s in the second division but Andrew Purdie and David Dines shared the first division rollover pool.

Friday, Jan. 5, Mt. Shadow (blue tees) – Monthly Medals


1st Allan Hanlon (13) 35pts

2nd Dave Edwards (12) 33pts

3rd David Dines (9) 31pts

4th Steve Evans (10) 30pts

5th Tony O’Neill (26) 28pts

6th Andrew Purdie (7) 28pts

Not quite enough players for two divisions on this occasion and those that did attempt to take on the always difficult course, which had originally been designed for players with a 15 handicap or better, found it to be even tougher than usual with most of the blue tees being set back to their farthest limits.

Allan Hanlon.
Allan Hanlon.

In view of the comments generally following the completion of the ordeal, it has been decided that on the next visit to the course the second division ( by selection of the player) will play from the white tees at a length of 5,838 yards par 73 (SS 68).

Allan Hanlon lasted the course the best, with five of the top six all coming from the lowest handicappers of the day.  Allan’s one over handicap score was better than it might have appeared at first glance although it was indeed a real curate’s egg of a round, including two 4-pointers, three 3-pointers, six 2-pointers, six 1-pointers and a zero.  Dave Edwards was second while David Dines again featured in third place just ahead of Steve Evans in fourth, who in turn was two in front of a count back for fifth and sixth which Tony O’Neil won over Andrew Purdie with a better 17 to 16.

Once again there were no 2s in the second division but Steve Evans took the first division pot with his solo effort on the 127-yard fifth hole, the only short one on the day but playing nearly 150 yards.