Daz does the double

Darren Stanton (left) & Louis Flanagan.
Darren Stanton (left) & Louis Flanagan.

Traveller’s Rest Golf Group

Monday, June 11, The Emerald – Stableford

1st Norman Cheetham (16) 35pts

2nd Richard Griffin (05) 34pts

3rd Peter Grant (08) 34pts

The week started with twenty players making the trip to Emerald, however only eighteen departed from Pattaya as a couple of “Likely Lads” had decided to spend the previous night in Banchang and meet up on the course. Whatever nocturnal activities these two lads got up to remains a mystery but one of them, Norman, won the day and the other one who will remain anonymous finished stone motherless last!

Sir Norman Cheetham, having cleared the tee box of spectators, smashed his first drive into the water right and wiped the first hole but undeterred he pulled himself together and posted 35 points, which was the best score of the day and earned him first place.

Tuesday, June 12, Green Valley – Stableford

1st Shigeki Toyoshima (17) 35pts

2nd Toshi Shiraiwa (23) 35pts

3rd Louis Flanagan (14) 33pts

Tuesday we were back at Green Valley and with the course having recently hosted a major competition it was in excellent condition. It was a hard fought contest between two of our Japanese friends, Toshi and Shigeki to see who would emerge the victor. Both players finished on exactly the same score and it went down to the very last hole on a countback before a winner could be decided. Unfortunately Toshi had fallen on his sword and first place was awarded to Shigeki Toyoshima.

Wednesday, June 13, Greenwood – Stableford

1st Darren Stanton (15) 40pts

2nd Gary Bennett (18) 35pts

3rd Derek Thorogood (15) 34pts

We ventured out to Greenwood on Wednesday where we were treated to millionaire’s golf. The Links Boys played B & A whilst the TRGG played A & C but other than these two societies there was no one else on the course. This really suited my playing partner Dazzling Daz who once again posted the best score of the week with 40 points. Credit should also go to Daz’s caddie who nurtured and pampered him for the entire eighteen holes. They looked like a match made in heaven as the sidled off the course together!

Thursday, June 14, Laem Chabang – Stableford

1st Toshi Shiraiwa (23) 38pts

2nd Louis Flanagan (14) 35pts

3rd Kim Sang-Kyu (22) 32pts

If you’re having a bad day then Laem Chabang is not the course to be having it on. After Wednesday’s 34 points your scribe thought his game was on the up, but that wasn’t the case as he hooked, sliced, topped and shanked his way to 14 points and the NAGA low score award. This was not so for Toshi Shiraiwa whose narrow defeat on Tuesday spurred him on to a fantastic round, and scoring 38 points he easily beat the rest of the field.

Friday, June 15, Burapha – Stableford

Division 1

1st Jacob Cummings (7) 39pts

2nd Neil Wilkinson (14) 36pts

3rd Colin Smith (14) 36pts

Division 2

1st David Gray (19) 39pts

2nd Shigeki Toyoshima (17) 38pts

3rd Ho Jun-Yoon (24) 34pts

One young Viking who hits a three-wood with the power of Thor’s hammer claimed his first victory with consummate ease today. Jacob (Yakob) Cummings smashed his way around Burapha, scoring 39 points to win division 1.

In division 2 David Gray was proving that he is also a force to be reckoned with, scoring an equally impressive 39 points and taking first place.

Saturday, June 16, Crystal Bay – Stableford

1st Louis Flanagan (14) 38pts

2nd Yoji Kanazawa (12) 35pts

3rd Billy Allan (18) 33pts

On Saturday the boys headed off to Crystal Bay where Louis Flanagan finally secured a first place. Having scored well on Thursday with a very respectable 35 points at Laem Chabang, Louis was determined to capitalize on his good form. Today he negotiated the course with precision and left the rest of the field squabbling over the minor places.