Davis in dominant mood


PSC Golf from the Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday, May 3, Khao Kheow – Stableford

Been a bit warm of late and still the golfers venture forth and walk around in the sun.  Well some do, and on this day the scribe and his two playing partners zoomed off in their carts and were around in an easy three hours, leaving the walkers way behind and it has to be said struggling in the heat.  One said after ten holes he really had to force himself to continue as the heat started to get too high.  Mind, finish he did.

The test for the day was to be the C & A nines in that order.  I have to say that at the present time many of the courses on the circuit are really struggling with the lack of water, however on this day Khao Kheow  was in fine condition and was a pleasure to play.  Obviously with the area being short of water it is sometimes a problem to keep grass on the course but here it was fine.  Indeed, the greens were in particularly good condition and were firm and true with plenty of grass on.

John Davis (left) is congratulated by Tom Herrington.

We all got around well although, as said, some struggled in the heat.  So the fine showers at K.K. were most appreciated as were the cool refreshments upstairs in the restaurant. Still, it was soon into transport and back to Pattaya where we were able to get on with the results.

In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was Brian Gabe with a fine 39 points ahead of John Davis in second with 38 and Mashi Kaneta in third with 35.  In the B Flight the winner was Rita Zoebelli with 38 points ahead of Barry Oats in second with 36 and Dave Cooper in third with 35.

Near Pins: AVD, John Davis, Brian Parish, Steve Truelove.

Friday, May 6, Silky Oak – Stableford

With the hot weather in full swing and taking advantage of a Sports Day price, the Tropical Golfers headed out to Silky Oak.  Most people were happy to go to a “carts required” course and take it a little easier for a change.  There is a lot going on now but still 14 dedicated golfers showed up.

Silky Oak is overall in fair-to-good condition, and the greens are in fine shape.  It’s clear the place could use some rain – which course doesn’t – but balls in the fairway were generally on grass.

Brian Gabe (left) with Rita Zoebelli.

Silky Oak is an interesting but fair test of skill, strategy, and mental dexterity.  The course is not as hard as it looks – and that is where it can be deceiving!  It forces self doubt on what are really straightforward holes.  Stay in control and you can score there.  Score people did!  The scores were on the high side, and many people with 36-38 points expecting some reward were disappointed.

John Davis (H/cap 15) continued his streak of impressive golf with a sky high 42 points.  Excellent golf John!  Tom Herrington (15) carded a fine 40 points to take second place honors and Peter Barry (18) was next with 39.

Remember when playing Silky that you need to keep your head about you as the competition will be tough.

Near Pins: Tom Herrington, Graham Buckingham, Barry Elphick, Brian Parish, Brian Gabe.