Davies finds some form at Burapha


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, June 4, Burapha – Stableford

It’s pleasing to report that at long last the Burapha management refrained from increasing their prices to the Outback on a holiday (Visaka Bucha Day) and were rewarded with 25 Outbackers here, playing off the blues on courses A & B and although it was a holiday we all went round in under four hours.  The course was in its usual great condition from tee to green although the rough around the greens was deep and difficult to find your ball.

Welcome back Norm Cheetham and to Dave Boran on a fleeting visit and a special welcome back to Dave Arrowsmith, who left Thailand almost three years ago; this is a surprise, where are you mate?

Friday’s winners, from left, Sugar (winner Div C), Lamun (3rd Div B), Joe (winner Div B) and Craig (winner Div A). Friday’s winners, from left, Sugar (winner Div C), Lamun (3rd Div B), Joe (winner Div B) and Craig (winner Div A).

The top score of the day came from Dave Davies who at long last has regained some form after his recent foot surgery; Dave scored an excellent 39pts to win Div B and beat his good friend Tony (37pts) by two in the process; third was Dave Boran (35pts) beating Brad Papas on count back.

The aforementioned Dave Arrowsmith won Div A with 36 from Craig Jolly (35) and Andy Todd, also with 35.

There was just one ‘2’ from Bob Barnes.

Div A (0-13)

1st David Arrowsmith (12) 36pts

2nd Craig Jolly (8) 35pts

3rd Andy Todd (10) 35pts

Div B (14+)

David Davies (28) 39pts

Tony McDonough (14) 37pts

David Boran (14) 35pts

Tuesday, June 5, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

With the usual Tuesday organiser (Chad) away on the Outback trip to Cambodia it was Nigel taking care of things today.  Just 10 players – 3 ladies and 7 men.  The day was fine and hot, the course was reasonable and not busy.

It was Orn Kanasaengsri (14) with the best of the ladies with 37 points, who play their own competition from the red tees, with both Orn and Laong securing a ‘2’.

For the men playing white then blue tees, Alan Whittingham (14) came in with a fine 40 points in pole and showing that the responsibility for the day did not weigh too much, Nigel Cannon (21) was runner-up with 36 points.  Final place on the podium and good to see him back went to ‘The Colonel’ aka Bob Pearce (16) with 35 points.  The men had no 2’s.

Outback will continue to support PCC during their refurbishment of the back 9 – playing the front 9 twice using white and blue tees.

1st Alan Whittingham (14) 40pts

2nd Orn Kanasaengsri (14) 37pts

3rd Nigel Cannon (21) 36pts

4th Bob Pearce (16) 35pts

Tuesday, June 5, Laem Chabang – Stableford

We have been desperately trying to increase the number of tee times booked here at Laem Chabang due to overwhelming popularity and the alternate course to Pattaya C.C. on the second double course day of the week.  25 Outbackers here, having to play in five-balls, which seemed to go quite well, getting round in around four hours which was pretty good going; still playing C & A, as B hasn’t been re-opened yet.  The course was in good shape as always but the greens were pretty slick which put a damper on many a golfer’s score card.

Neil McMillan slipped through the net to win Div B with an amazing score of 42 points, at the first time of asking but won’t find it quite so easy next time as his handicap was slashed by three.  Second was Steve Milne with 33, beating Tim Knight (welcome back) on count back.

Bernie Stafford sizzled for a while and did enough to take Div A with 34pts from Max Mitchell (31) and Kissy Buchanan (and welcome back to you too).

There were two ‘2’s from Andy Butterworth and Craig Jolly.

Div A (0-13)

1st Bernie Stafford (12) 34pts

2nd Max Mitchell (12) 31pts

3rd Keith Buchanan (12) 29pts

Div B (14+)

1st Neil McMillan (36) 42pts

2nd Steve Milne (16) 33pts

3rd Tim Knight (18) 33pts

Wednesday, June 6, Siam Plantation – Stableford

As with Laem Chabang, Siam Plantation was also over-subscribed as 19 Outbackers turned out today playing B & C, requiring some manipulation from member, Lumpy, persuading the management to allow one five-ball to play.  The mathematics don’t quite work out there, so there must have been 21 players, a couple of them not in the comp.  Whatever the case, thanks Lumpy for helping Suzi out and thanks Suzi for all the good work you’ve done running the golf this week in the absence of Capt’ Steve and the General.

We teed off a little bit early and the course was in its customary fine condition and the greens were fast; the only downfall being that the sand in the bunkers was very hard due to the heavy thunderstorm the night before but Greg Hill had become a master of them after 18 holes with the day’s top score of 35pts to win Div B from Roy Barrell (33) and Frank Mills (32).

Scotty Qua returned to the course after an absence of a few months and immediately found winning form with 33pts to take Div A by two from three tied on 31pts, Andy Butterworth, Kev Reid and Lumpy, finishing in that order after the usual count backs.

There were no ‘2’s.

Div A (0-13)

1st Scotty Qua (13) 33pts

2nd Andy Butterworth (12) 31pts

3rd Kev Reid (12) 31pts

Div B (14+)

1st Greg Hill (19) 35pts

2nd Roy Barrell (21) 33pts

3rd Frank Mills (16) 32pts

Friday, June 8, Green Valley – Stableford

Not only did Capt’ Steve find the energy to go out and play again today after a winning four rounds on the trot in Siem Reap, but he also organised the day here at Green Valley as Suzi, who has done such a great job all week, returns to the UK for a couple of weeks to catch up with husband John.

A good turnout of 35 played at this ever popular course but unfortunately a slightly slower than usual round which perhaps was the cause of lower scoring than last week.  The day’s top score went to the Sugarman with 42pts, for which he will receive nearly a 2 shot handicap cut and he won Div C by six from Tim Knight (36) and John & Brad both with 34.

Div B went to The PSC Golf Chairman, Joe Mooneyham, with the day’s next best score of 40pts from Martin Kingswood (37pts), fresh from his second place in Siem Reap and he will see his handicap come down again to 13; in third was Lamun Hanley (35) and lovely to see her back playing at the Outback again.

Div A had Craig Jolly & Jack Butler both with 37 from course specialist, Jan Eriksen on 36.

There were six ‘2’s, two from Paul Greenaway on holes 4 & 12, then one from Craig Jolly (12th), and three on the 16th from Paul Bourke, Sunanta Duangwaw & Bob Lindborg.

Div A (0-11)

1st Craig Jolly (8) 37pts

2nd Jack Butler (11) 37pts

3rd Jan Eriksen (7) 36pts

Div B (12-16)

1st Joe Mooneyham (15) 40pts

2nd Martin Kingswood (14) 37pts

3rd Lamun Hanley (15) 35pts

Div C (17+)

1st Sugar Ray Handford (18) 42pts

2nd Tim Knight (18) 36pts

3rd John O’Keefe (17) 34pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  All are welcome to come and join us for a beer and a hit.  Just call in and put your name down on the list or call Jack on 087 941 2474.