Davies doubles up


The Jomtien Golf Society

Monday, Sept. 10, Crystal Bay – Stableford

There was thunder and lightning as we arrive at the clubhouse and looking over the course the B9 green was flooded so we all decide to give it 30 minutes. In the event, it all cleared in 20 minutes and we teed playing ‘pick, clean and place’, although there were quite a few holes where it was not needed and the greens were in a very slick condition.

Two 36’s came in for the two divisions with Nik Evans winning division 1 and Peter Davies division 2. Paul Young was second in the top flight, beating Paul Butler on a 17/14 back-nine countback after they both came in with 33 points each. Alan Bissell took the silver place in division 2, one point behind Peter Davies and Tom Preshaw finished third with 33 points.

Near pins went to (Div 1) Marc Brunner (2) and Nik Evans, and (Div 2) Peter Davies (2).

No ‘2’s in either division today.

Wednesday, Sept. 12, Pattana – Stableford

Stormy weather yet again as we drove up the 7 but as we arrived there was no problem and we teed off bang on time. We were playing the A and B nines today with the cut set at 11-17 and 19+ in division 2.

The Vanuatu ferry captain Peter Davies recorded the highest score of the day, winning division 2 with 38 points. Leo Adam was second on 35 and Steve Harris came in third with 34 points.

Willy Van Heetvelde won division 1 with 35 points ahead of Paul Butler in second place who beat Bob Poole on a 17/16 back nine countback after they both came in with 31 points.

Near pins were claimed by (Div 1) Steve Godfrey and Bob Poole, and (Div 2) Alan Bissell and Peter Davies (2).

Alan Bissell birdied A8 and Peter Davies A3 to split the rollover ‘2’s kitty in division 2 and there was another rollover in division 1.

Friday, Sept. 14, Eastern Star – Stableford

After a close inspection on the course ‘pick, clean and place’ was implemented today from the first tee. There was no run on the fairways but the greens were still very slick, which surprised everybody.

We had an exact cut as of Wednesday in the two divisions and 34 points was the highest score of the day, with Colin Aspinall beating John Hughes on a 18/16 countback to win division 1. Steve Godfrey finished third with 29 points.

32 points was the best score in division 2 with the organizer winning, a 15/15, 9/9 ,5/5 and 4/2 countback while Tony Thorne won another countback over John Carlin after they came in with 30 points.

Near pins went to (Div 1) Marc Brunner, Steve Godfrey and Vern Raachau, and (Div 2) Colin Aspinall and Frank Kelly.

Geoff Randall birdieds the 13th for the only ‘2’ of the day and sole possession of the division 2 pot.