Davies delivers prize catch


Sea fishing with KPK Food Services Ltd.

Saturday, April 27, was another wonderful day out on the ocean.  Although there have been storms around of late, it was crystal clear skies and waters today with a very pleasant fresh wind to keep all cool.

With a full crew of five fishermen on board our new boat, with our old friend Captain Pong (he’s been around for at least 12 years), we set off for the normal fishing waters around the islands of Bang Saray and Sattahip.

It has to be said that with the last couple of years being quite barren of large varieties, we wasted many hours today trying in vain to entice the ‘biggies’, but to no avail.

Paul Davies poses with his snapper and KPK voucher prize.Paul Davies poses with his snapper and KPK voucher prize.

The tides were running very fast and with the boat anchored this meant that it was a waste of time to try with the smaller rod set ups until we could drift.  After a while this is what we did and although it was still difficult due to the wind blowing the boat a little too quickly, we soon started to pull up some nice sized snapper.

One small pompano was caught and everyone took home a nice few pounds of tuck for the freezer.  We have come to a decision now that due to the lack of big fish in this area we are not going to waste any more time trying for the bigger varieties.  However, this will give more time to devote to all day action going after the smaller and medium sized fish which seem to be the only varieties in this area.

Paul Davies was the winner of the KPK food voucher today, donated by Mr. Beef, as seen in the photo with his nice sized snapper.

Our next trip will be in May and anyone interested in a great day out on the ocean can call me (Mike) on 087 091 7565 for further information.