Dave Edwards doubles up


IPGC Golf from The Haven

Monday, Oct. 17, Mt. Shadow (blue tees) – Stableford


1st Dave Edwards (13) 32pts

2nd Cho Babryoung (9) 31pts

3rd Terry Hodgkiss (26) 29pts

4th Bill Park (15) 29pts

5th John Carlin (18) 27pts

6th Markku Tynell (20) 27pts

A course that plays just under 6,300 yards may seem like an easy walk in the park but as is often the case it once again showed it has real teeth as it swept up the hopefuls into an untidy heap, leaving Dave Edwards at the top of the pile at four over handicap.  Meanwhile, the CSS for day moved out three and became non-counting for upward review.

Even playing ‘lift and place’ in the fairways did not assist many as they did not come across many of those during their rounds through the old mango farm with its narrow fairways and well positioned bunkers.

Dave Edwards led in an unsuccessful but reasonably happy group that had found the whole course in much better shape than on previous visits.  Cho Babryoung continued his run of podium placements just one behind in second place after he suffered badly through the back half after a bright start to his day.

Dave Edwards.
Dave Edwards.

Terry Hodgkiss lay claim to third spot after winning a count back over Bill Park, finishing with a better 17 to 16 over the last nine holes.

John Tallett.
John Tallett.

John Carlin then won another count back against Markku Tynell to take fifth, winning with a better 12 to 9 as Markku fell apart following a very good opening nine.

Cho Babryoung cleaned out the first division pool with his solo effort in the 2s competition whilst John Carlin did the same in the second division.

Wednesday, Oct. 19, Pattana A & B (yellow tees) – Stableford

CSS 72

1st Dave Edwards (13) 37pts

2nd Markku Tynell (20) 36pts

3rd Paul Hubbard (10) 36pts

4th Andrew Purdie (7) 36pts

5th Cho Babryoung (9) 30pts

6th Ian Lederhose (17) 29pts

Once again the once a fortnightly trip to Pattana proved to be the highlight of the week, with the course in absolutely tip top condition even though the recent heavy rains had left the ground a little heavy, but with another day of ‘lift and place’ the scoring was good enough to see the CSS for the day reduce by one from the par of 73.

Markku Tynell.
Markku Tynell.

Dave Edwards continued his good spell of form and having started slowly with just 15 points from the B course he then swept through the back nine in great style, accumulating 22 points to win by one from two of his playing partners and take the loot for the day.

There was a three-way count back for second place, which as always was taken over the back nine on the card even though the course was played the other way around with B being the starting nine holes of the day.  It was led in by Markku Tynell for second place, whose 24 points was a personal lifetime best for nine holes but he was unable to keep the round going and slipped badly through the last few holes actually played.

Paul Hubbard placed third with 18 in the count back and Andrew Purdie fourth after he had returned 16 and thinking he was leading the count back with playing partner Paul.

Cho Babryoung took fifth ahead of another count back which Ian Lederhose won with a better 20 to Mike Korney’s 14.

There were no 2s in the second division but Dave Edwards added to his pile for the day with the lone one in the first division.

Friday, Oct. 21, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

CSS 72

1st John Tallett (24) 38pts

2nd Cho Babryoung (9) 35pts

3rd Paul Hubbard (10) 34pts

4th Ian Lederhose (17) 34pts

5th Phil Cass (16) 33pts

6th Larry Gibb (19) 33pts

Pattaya Country Club’s redesigned and renovated course was the last test of the week and it too was found to be in good shape considering the amount of water it had had dumped on it over the last few weeks.  The fairways were playing particularly well with plenty of run and good lies afforded all around the course.

The best score of the week was achieved by John Tallett who was readying himself for a competitive week of golf in Chiang Mai along with many other of the regular Haven group, which will surely mean a few gaps in the starting sheets next week.  John’s round was his best return since he dropped a shot over six weeks earlier whilst playing in a non-club event and returning the score for handicap reduction.

Cho Babryoung was his closest rival, three shots behind in second place after he returned another solid card.

Paul Hubbard won a count back for third over Ian Lederhose, finishing with a better 18 to 14 after Ian had looked a possible winner after the opening nine.

Phil Cass then led in a three-way count back to take fifth place, scoring a best 17 as Larry Gibb took sixth scoring 12 on the last six against Markku Tynell’s 11 after they had tied the back nine on 16 apiece.

There were no 2s in the first division but John Tallett made it a double celebration for the day when he cleaned out the second division pool with his one on the 137-yard 12th hole.