Danboise delivers at pristine Burapha


PSC Golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, March 30, Burapha A & B – Stableford

Six groups of Outbackers were privileged to play A and B as it was set up for the final day of the Singha Pattaya Open, which finished the day before.  I have never seen Burapha in better condition and it’s strange that with such avid golfers here in Pattaya, that not more players turned out to play this course when it’s obviously going to be at it’s very best.

Surprisingly there were no ‘2’s, so we had first to fourth in two divisions.  John Deardon, on one of his rare visits with the Outback, won division 2 with 36 points from three players all on 34; after a count back Pete Stonebridge was second from Carl Luke and Barry McIntosh.

Kim Danboise had a great 41 points to win the top division from John Cunningham (40), Jim Brackett (36) and Brad Jordison (33).

Outback opinion: Weather – fine hot; Check-in – friendly; Tee time – early; Fairways – hard; Rough – average; Greens – perfect; Bunkers – well raked; Value for money – reasonable but much better next week; Pace of play – under four hours; Drink stations open – all open; Restaurant – not visited

Div A (0-15)

1st Kim Danboise (13) 41pts

2nd John Cunningham (06) 40pts

3rd Jim Brackett (09) 36pts

4th Brad Jordison (06) 33pts

Div B (16+)

1st John Dearden (22) 36pts

2nd Pete Stonebridge (19) 34pts

3rd Carl Luke (16) 34pts

4th Barry McIntosh (22) 34pts

Tuesday, March 31, Phoenix (Mountain & Ocean) – Stableford

Just before Phoenix Gold presented their “Welcome to Pattaya Golfing Societies” shotgun start at 1pm today, the Outback’s three groups shot round the Mountain nine first followed by the Ocean.  Only ten of the twelve players actually returned their cards although we were advised by a phone call from Steve Plant that he and Ronny Biggs had scored 25 and 28 points but we’re not sure in what order and we think Ronny did another runner.

(L-R) Brad Jordison, Andy Makara, Norm Cheetham and John Stafford.(L-R) Brad Jordison, Andy Makara, Norm Cheetham and John Stafford.

Rod Crosswell (34pts) finished his last game with us for the time-being on a high, picking up the winner-takes-all prize and showed his appreciation by ringing the bell.  We also said good-bye to Bob Maloney but welcomed Paul Smith, Dave Stockman and Alan Griffiths

There were three ‘2’s from Norm Cheetham (M4), Bob Maloney (O5) and Dave Stockman (O7).

1st Rod Crosswell (15) 34pts

2 Paul Smith (03) 33pts

3rd Martin Grimoldby (04) 32pts

Wednesday, April 1, Bangpra – Stableford

The start of low season saw our five groups paying a Sports Day rate of only 800 baht green fee for a good course which as usual was in top condition, although the greens were a bit slower than usual.

The recently returned Sven Ole Lund had 39 points, which is a very good score on this course, to win from Stephen Blaszanyik (36) while Peter Nixon beat Barry McIntosh on c/b, both with 34 points for third.  Mathias Hermann came in fifth with 32.

The headline of the day – Eddy Beilby, Peter LeNoury and Tony McDonough did a great job rescuing two dogs from a lake as the slippery plastic round the edges prevented them (the dogs) from climbing out unaided.

Outback opinion: Weather – fine, hot; Check in – efficient; Tee time – on time; Fairways – hard; Rough – light; Greens – average; Bunkers – ok; Value for money – excellent; Pace of play – 4hrs 15min; Drink stations open – all open; Restaurant – good value

There were an unusually high number of ‘2’s from Geoff Stimpson (2nd) and Stephen Blazsanyik, Sven Ole Lund & Russell Whyte all on the 12th.

1st Svenn Ole Lund (12) 39pts

2nd Stephen Blazsanyik (20) 36pts

3rd Peter Nixon (11) 34pts

4th Barry McIntosh (23) 34pts

5th Mathias Hermann (16) 32pts

Friday, April 3, St. Andrews – Stableford

On about revision E, we finally ended up with 40 players today.  As the rating of this white tee is so low (71.5) set against a par of 74, the low markers did not get much advantage from the slope (130), having lost 2½ shots standing on the tee.  So Walter Panichi, whose exact handicap with us is 1.7, was playing off +1, Brad Jordison, who is 5.6 played off 4, and Mike Missler, who is 6.4 played off 5.  It was not until the 14 markers upwards that anyone gained shots against their index.

General Jack had set today’s target of 39 points or more thinking that would be almost unreachable but no less than four players beat the target and three of them returned to the bar to enjoy spending Jack’s 1500 baht, so well done guys.  It just goes to show that the rating of the course is not far out.

Winners of the divisions were Div A – Peter Nixon 40 points off 10; Div B – John Stafford 41 points off 15; and Div C – Andy Makara 39 points off 26.  Other notables were Brad Jordison (38) 2nd Div A and Mike Missler (37) 3rd Div A, Norm Cheetham (39) 2nd Div B and Mathias Hermann (36) 3rd Div B.

There were four ‘2’s from Kim Danboise (3rd), Svenn Lund (5th) and Brad Jordison and Walter Panichi on the 10th.

Green Valley was having a competition today so that was the reason we played at St Andrews and April’s DeVere Monthly Medal has been shifted to Friday 24th after Songkhran.  Whilst on the subject of Songkhran, Green Valley is closed on Friday 17th April and if you are in Pattaya during that week, we will be playing at Burapha on Monday 13th, Phoenix on Tuesday 14th and Khao Kheow on Thursday 16th – this will be a 3 day competition but you can play on any one particular day as per the norm.

Outback opinion: Weather – hot; Check-in – good; Tee time – 10 mins early; Fairways – good for St Andrews; Rough – average; Greens – recovering from being cored and slow; Bunkers – sand very hard; Value for money – good; Pace of play – slow at the back, 4hrs 45mins; Drink stations open – all open; Restaurant – not visited.

Div A (0-11)

1st Peter Nixon (09) 40pts

2nd Brad Jordison (04) 38pts

3rd Mike Missler (05) 37pts

4th Stephen Mann (10) 35pts

Div B (12-17)

1st John Stafford (15) 41pts

2nd Norm Cheetham (14) 39pts

3rd Mathias Hermann (15) 36pts

4th Charlie Brown (17) 35pts

Div C (18+)

1st Andy Makara (26) 39pts

2nd Bob Mattes (18) 32pts

3rd Suzi Lawton (33) 32pts

4th Bob Lindborg (26) 31pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  Call Jack on 081 578 1956.