Coe claims victory at Emerald


PSC golf from The Beaver Bar & Grill

Friday, 30th of May saw a good group of Beaver Bar & Grill golfers arrive at the Emerald Golf Club in Ban Chang to undertake another attempt to display their abilities on this challenging course.  The weather was hot and humid with little or no breeze and the course is beginning to show signs of improvement as the fairways mature and the grass takes root.

Results for the day were counted up as all returned to the Beaver for cold libations and light lunches.  Scoring by the Callaway system saw second place got to Larry Willett with 36 points while the top spot was taken by Roger Coe with 37.  Nearest to the pin honor went to Larry Willett.

Host Larry again wishes to thank those attending and remind all that every Friday is golf day from Beaver Bar & Grill.