Clegg shoots for the stars


Café Kronborg Golf Society

Monday, Feb. 20, Bangpakong – Stableford

A Flight (0-22)

1st Kai Aabling (22) 42pts

2nd Brian Gabe (16) 40pts

3rd Peter Bygballe (19) 39pts

4th Kenneth Madsen (16) 37pts

5th Jan Lovgreen (22) 37pts


B Flight (23+)

1st Gordon Clegg (32) 46pts

2nd Kurt Sandgaard (34) 39pts

3rd Jan Badura (27) 38pts

4th Torben Sorensen (25) 37pts

5th Hanne Erbs (32) 34pts


Near Pins: #4 Kenneth Madsen, #7 Kenneth Madsen, #13 Peter Bygballe, #16 Gordon Clegg.

Long Putts: #9 Kai Aabling, #18 Brian Gabe


Cafe Kronborg played at Bangpakong on Monday, where the course was immaculate, the greens were running at a lovely pace and the weather was perfect.  Good scores were expected and the group did not disappoint.

Round over and back in the clubhouse the cards bore witness to some great golf having been played by a lot of people, and if you didn’t beat your handicap you had little hope of a prize, even with 5 placings in both flights!  There were 2 flights with the A flight 0 to 22 and the B flight 23 and above.

(From left) Kai Aabling, Dave Richardson and Gordon Clegg.
(From left) Kai Aabling, Dave Richardson and Gordon Clegg.

The A Flight winner was Kai Aabling with a return to form and a superb 42 points.  Second was Brian Gabe with an impressive 40 points and third was Peter Bygballe with a solid 39.  Fourth and fifth places were decided on count back with 3 players having 37 points: Kenneth Madsen was fourth with 22 points on the back followed by Jan Lovgreen with 20 points and losing out was Daryl Evans who only had 18.

In B Flight Gordon Clegg had the score of the day with an amazing 46 points, no doubt the handicap secretary’s knife awaits.  Kurt Sandgaard had 39 points to take second place and in third was Jan Badura with 38, his second consecutive podium place.  Torben Sorensen’s absence from the winners enclosure did not last long as he took fourth with 37 points and fifth place was decided on count back with 3 players having 34 points, the only below handicap placement.  Newly arrived Hanne Erbs took the final podium spot with 18 points on the back nine while Graham Buckingham and Carole Kubicki both fell one point short of the mark.


Thursday, Feb. 23, Pleasant Valley – Stableford

A Flight (0-22)

1st Richard Kubicki (14) 39pts

2nd Lotte Boskov (21) 37pts

3rd Kjeld Ravn (17) 33pts

4th Peter Bygballe (19) 32pts

5th Kai Aabling (22) 30pts


B Flight (23+)

1st Hanne Erbs (32) 37pts

2nd Carole Kubicki (23) 35pts

3rd Ulla Ravn (36) 32pts

4th Gordon Clegg (32) 30pts

5th Graham Buckingham (26) 30pts


Near Pins: #5 Carole Kubicki, #8 Kjeld Ravn, #13 Gordon Clegg, #17 Torben Sorensen.

Long Putts: #9 Kenny Chung, #18 Carole Kubicki.


Cafe Kronborg played at Pleasant Valley on Thursday, where the weather was calm and the fairways lovely.  The greens though were running a bit on the slow side and the grain seemed to have a major impact on the putts.

We tried something a little different today with the A Flight playing off the blue tees and the B Flight off the white tees.  The A Flight was looking forward to the challenge and their scores were expected to be lower.  As it turned out the B Flight came out in sympathy and no one in the field made the usual 40 points plus.

Richard Kubicki (left) with Dave Richardson and Hanne Erbs.
Richard Kubicki (left) with Dave Richardson and Hanne Erbs.

The A Flight winner was your scribe, Richard Kubicki, returning to form after some swing changes, with 39 points and the best score of the day.  Lotte Boskov was 2nd with a solid 37 points and Kjeld Ravn took 3rd with 33, not a bad score from the blue tees.  Peter Bygballe was 4th with 32 points and Kai Aabling came 5th with 30.

In B Flight, the men playing off the white tees must have visualised playing off the blues and the scores were not good.  The ladies however upped the standard and took the first 3 places.  The winner with a fine 37 points was Hanne Erbs, followed by the other half of the Kubicki family, Carole Kubicki, who had 35 points to take 2nd place.  Third was Ulla Ravn who had 32 points, (the fourth lady in the prizes).

Then the B Flight men showed up, with 3 players on 30 points and the last 2 places being decided on count back.  Gordon Clegg took 4th spot with a fine 20 points on the back and Graham Buckingham took 5th spot with 16 points on the back.  Peter Hammond lost out after a storming front 9 but struggled to only 13 points on the back.