City demolish Scans with scintillating 6-2 victory


Bangkok Casuals League Division 1

Pattaya City FC dismissed any talk of relegation as they dismantled the Scandinavian Vikings at the Arsenal Soccer School ground last Sunday, June 1. 

City, who had been experiencing a poor run of form, turned up with a full strength squad including Ellie Fineman.  It was previously thought that Ellie had an allergic reaction to playing in Bangkok and indeed any mention of it brought him out in a cold sweat.  However, a week’s worth of counselling, a girlfriend to impress and a pair of toxic coloured  boots later saw him line up against a Scandanvian team that was sitting  3 places below City in the league.

Pattaya City FC line up for their match against the Scandinavian Vikings in Bangkok on Sunday, June 1.Pattaya City FC line up for their match against the Scandinavian Vikings in Bangkok on Sunday, June 1.

It was the Scans that started off the brightest and used their height advantage with a number of set plays that bombarded Pattaya’s  defence.  However, dogged defending and excellent goalkeeping from Martin Dusting helped Pattaya weather the early storm.  Gradually, City began to get on top and superb link up play by Tevez and Bryant allowed Captain “Big Phil” to tap in after 20 mins.  And City doubled their lead only 2 mins later when Ben tapped in from close range.

A momentary lapse by City gave the Scans some hope however when they pulled a goal back from a corner just a minute before half time.  At half time City were given the hairdryer treatment from manager Terry Wilcox (as he no longer needs one) and they went out with renewed vigor after the break.  Just 5 mins into the second half though disaster struck when the Scans equalized through a good finish from Brohlin.

Pattaya dug in and in a 5 minute spell scored 3 goals which blew away the Scans.  “Big Phil” slotted a penalty, Rooney scuffed one in and Bryne scored a contender for goal of the season.  Picking the ball up in his own half, the portly shaped player set off on a run Gareth Bale would have been proud off – he waddled down the wing with all the speed of a slug and toe bunged it into the top corner from 30 yards.  Team mates stood aghast of what had happened and could only assume that it was an attempted cross.

Ellie then went to complete the scoring, with a dazzling run and magical finish from 18 yards.  It all proves that 10,000 baht Magista boots do work after all.

City celebrated their journey home in joyful fashion with beers for the lads and wine cooler for Shane.  There were exaggerated tales from Bryne  – who actually believed he meant to score his wonder goal.  Unfortunately for Bryne, he also believes in the tooth fairy, Father Christmas, the Loch Ness Monster and that one day Terry will buy a round of beers.

There were several top class displays, but man of the match had to be given to Manager Wilcox, whose tactical masterclass was second only to David Moyes reign at Manchester United.  City were due to take on FC Planet this Thursday in a local derby at Laem Chabang.