Chuckling all the way down the road


The Backyard Golf Society

On 1 April, 1986 the IAAF re-designed the men’s javelin.  The world record at the time stood at some 105m and it was decided that with throws exceeding 100m it was no longer safe to hold competitions within the confines on a stadium field.

In a remarkably similar event last week at Emerald, Kit “The Altrincham Alchemist” was observed chucking a club a prodigious distance from a bunker and dangerously close to his playing partners.  This has prompted calls to move the centre of gravity in clubs closer to the end, as this will 1) save other players from Kit; 2) possibly avoid having to lengthen golf courses to counteract today’s muscle-clad players.  Has “The Alchemist” come up with a Nobel Prize winning club-chuck?

Speaking of Chucks…. on to the golf and the winner of the day’s main stableford competition was that well known, ultra-unbalanced golfer…”Who BRought Him”.

The near-pin was won by Michael “Chuckles” Yaxley who was also a winner in the skins with 3 and the previous week’s rollover.  “Who BRought Him” won the most with 5, Irish John (aka The Good Samaritan) won 4, Russell “He’s a Victorian” claimed 3, Beaker Larsen won 2 and we had 3 rollovers to next week.

Khun Wattie was notable, again, by his failure to materialize, leading to a new term in the Oxford, pulling an Oz…meaning no-show.  With Owen, the food and beverage manager, stuffing up the cake order it was a typical rowdy game for the lads.  Luckily we get back to our normal, earlier tee-time next week and can hopefully avoid the recent influx of Hugelflugels.