Christmas rewards for Murtagh and Dixon


Phoenix Tuesday & Friday Group

Today’s game, Tuesday, December 21, would be our penultimate game of 2010 and the last before Santa tried to find the chimneys of Thailand!

Lake and Ocean was the course today, on a beautiful, sunny day with a cool breeze.  I have to say that all in all the management and staff of Phoenix do a pretty good job throughout the year and also the course is in superb condition.  However, I will be taking up one anomaly with the management regarding the slotting in of groups coming round for their respective back nine holes of golf.  Some of the marshals seem to think that these groups can have preference over groups on their first tee time.

Tuesday’s top four with the staff at the Relax Bar. Tuesday’s top four with the staff at the Relax Bar.

With 27 holes it is inevitable that this kind of thing is going to happen, but we all know from past experiences back home that any groups coming round to a first tee after starting on the 10th should intermingle, giving preference to the first group coming off the ninth hole.

We had a situation where one marshal tried to insist that our group (which had a start time of 12.00 noon on Lake course) should give way to four groups who were playing on the 8th and 9th holes of the Mountain course.  After much distasteful arguments between players and marshal all the players from both groups came to the common sense attitude of intermingling of play.

The reason I inform the readers of this problem is so that you will take the matter up with the management if you experience the same.

Back to our game and as headlined, Eamon Murtagh (39 points) and Dennis Dixon (38 points), both of whom had struggled somewhat of late, at last hit some good form.  Joint third place went to three players with 34 points: Richard (unpronounceable) Tereskiviche, Tom McCarthy and yours truly, Mike Gerrard.

Near Pins went to Eamon Murtagh, Richard Tereskiviche (2) and Tom McCarthy.

Tuesday’s and Friday’s we have only two tee times booked at 12.00 noon, but can increase if more players wish to join in.  Tuesday’s we only wish for 5 groups and they fill very quickly.

If you would like to join our group you will be very welcome, but you must have an official handicap of maximum 28.  All the members who play in our group like to play competitive golf and beginners or occasional player do not fit in with the criteria of the group.  Non members of Phoenix enjoy a reduced green fee of 1,000 baht as a guest of the members.  If you are interested please call me on 087 091 7565.