Catman on the prowl

Masao Ishikawa, Des Leonard, Bob Catlow and Paul Walsh.
Masao Ishikawa, Des Leonard, Bob Catlow and Paul Walsh.

PSC Golf from The Golf Club

Monday, July 16, Green Valley (white tees) – Stableford

1st Bob Catlow 41pts

2nd Ian Morris 39pts

3rd J.P. Thomas 38pts

Seems every Monday has a good turnout here and the condition of the course today was just beautiful. There were a few tee boxes closed in preparation for an upcoming tournament but that was about the only issue.

The little lady J.P. Thomas was back on the podium, taking third place as well as our Caddy Smiles near pin. Phil and Dave are doing a great job with the caddies who have dental issues, and we now have 6 ladies in the waiting room with another from Treasure Hill to join soon. An update on their progress will be coming in the next few weeks.

Ian Morris joined us again and had a cracking round of 39 to capture sole second. There was no beating The Catman, who cruised to an easy 41 point day like a stroll in the park. Bob Catlow plays a very relaxed game and today he was in great form with a solid round.

Wednesday, July 18, Pattavia (white tees) – Stableford

T1st Bob Catlow 37pts

T1st Masao Ishikawa 37pts

T3rd Paul Walsh 34pts

T3rd Gerald Cassidy 34pts

T3rd Des Leonard 34pts

Pattavia Century is one of our favourite courses and with the perfect weather we had today, it became a round of millionaires’ golf. Even with the new motorway and highway links it is still about a 55 minute drive, but well worth that extra 20 minutes effort.

Four groups were in the field today and ties were on the cards for a very crowded podium. Des Leonard is back in town from Oz and he along with Gerald and Paul Walsh were the three blokes in third place.

It was an easy copy and paste for me with The Catman again, but this time Bob had to share the victory with Ishi. Visiting us every few months from Japan, Masao Ishikawa is a very spry 75 year old who still walks the course. Today they both tallied a 37 point round on a 6,500 yard course that does not give away many. Great going guys!

Friday, July 20, Pattaya C.C. (white tees) – Stableford

1st Jim Dundon 34pts

2nd Bob Catlow 32pts

T3rd Roger Awad 31pts

T3rd Paul Walsh 31pts

It’s been ages since we played here and I cannot understand why. This is a lovely local track with some very scenic holes and course condition has improved tremendously. I will be putting Pattaya C.C. back on our rotation for sure so long as it stays this way, and the pricing is sensible.

27 minutes door to door is what I had on the timer so a relative breeze to get here down the good old 36. That new link to our local U-Tapao airport is coming along quite nicely and looks set to be complete by high season, hopefully. Infrastructure here has vastly improved in the last few years to give us easier and quicker golfing destinations.

This is getting to sound like a broken record (remember those things?) but Bob Catlow was in the money again, but this time for second place. Bob stays out of trouble and puts it down the middle consistently so he quietly sees those points add up on the card.

It was nice to see our “Newbie” Roger Awad from Los Angeles back with us for the round and to see him on the podium for the first time with a 31 point game. Paul Walsh, over from England, racked up 31 as well for a good finish.

Today was a low scoring day for everybody and no one hit their handicap mark, but it was Jimmy Dundon who came off best and closest with a 34 point card for the win. Nice going Jim!