Carr wins by a street


PSC Golf from The Golf Club

Monday, May 2, Green Valley (white tees) – Stableford

1st Brian Carr (28) 40pts

T2nd Fred Birch (21) 35pts

T2nd Fred Graham (16) 35pts

T2nd Tom Nettleman (19) 35pts

T2nd Phil Smedley (13) 35pts

We were back to Green Valley today and found the course in good condition.  There has been a bit of rain of late which is long overdue so the greens were pretty good but fairways were a bit dry.  No complaints from the peanut gallery as now many of the lads find their drives a further 40 yards down the fairway!

Kenny Aihara, Pete Hynard, Fred Graham, Rusty Barfield and Capt. Phil Smedley.

The crowded podium found ‘The Gang of Five’ squeezed into 3 steps with 4 blokes on 35 points.  Brian Carr though did a great job of beating the rest with a 5 shot thumping!

I must mention that we are now starting another little comp that is purely voluntary.  From now on, The Golf Club will have a near pin on the last par-3 of every course we play.  The idea is we throw in 50 baht to the pot, if you wish, and the winner of the near pin splits it 50-50, with the other half going to our Caddy Smile Charity Project.  This should add another interesting twist to Capt. Phil’s presentations!

Ironically, it was none other than Dave Ferris who won the near pin today.  Dave has been a great help with the caddies and getting them to the dentist and deservedly took the inaugural win.  In typical Dave style, he gave all the winnings to the charity.

Wednesday, May 4, Pattana C & B (yellow tees) – Stableford

1st Kenny Aihara (6) 42pts

2nd Jeff Hunt (26) 41pts

3rd Kenny Grimes (21) 39pts

This course should be on the playlist of every golf organiser in town as Pattana got rave reviews from all the returning golfers this afternoon.  We don’t play here in the high season as they tend to price themselves out, but it is great value this time of year.  The clubhouse is nothing short of spectacular with 5-star resort facilities and a great clubhouse restaurant.

The results speak for themselves, and Kenny Aihara delivered another great round of golf for the win.  Jeff Hunt and Ken Grimes fired very respectable rounds as well but Kenny dropped one putt more to finish with 42 on the card.

The Caddy Smile near pin was won by Robbie Taylor, and Robbie was the only name on the list!  Robbie got out early and placed a beauty to within 10 feet that no one else could match.

Friday, May 6, Khao Kheow C & B (white tees) – Stableford

1st Peter Hynard (14) 41pts

T2nd Phil Smedley (13) 38pts

T2nd Rusty Barfield (4) 38pts

We had a pretty good turnout of 22 golfers today, proving the popularity of this great local course designed by Pete Dye.

Peter Hynard stole the show here today, and it was an impressive 41 that did it.  Our fearless Capt. Phil had one of his best rounds in ages, possibly spurred on by brother Gary’s monthly medal winning 63 back at his home course in Oz.

Lastly, and certainly not leastly (if that’s a word), we come to Rusty Barfield.  The rustbucket has won regularly during his vacation here so there was rapturous applause when Phil announced that Rusty was soon to head back.  Jeez, you guys can be so cruel!

Freddy Graham won the Caddy Smile near pin, a brilliant tee shot that left him with a mere 4-footer for the birdie.  Next time you see Fred, ask him if he made that putt.

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