Carr crushes the field at Greenwood


The Bunker Boys Golf Society

Monday, June 19, Khao Kheow (yellow tees) – Stableford

1st Takeshi Hakozaki (12) 37pts

2nd Geoff Parker (14) 36pts

3rd Colin Grieg (9) 33pts

4th Robby Watts (7) 33pts

Richard Baldotto. Can anyone help him find his swing?
Richard Baldotto. Can anyone help him find his swing?

Near Pins: Nial Glover, Stuart Brown, Robby Watts and Colin Greig.

An excellent day for golf with a slight breeze and the Khao Kheow course was in excellent condition.  Playing the C course first followed by the A course, the first hole on C, the long par 5, is always a severe test and was especially so today for Skinny Newton who managed to put 4 balls into the water by the time he had reached his playing partners’ drives.  Still, Skinny always perseveres and he completed the 18 holes still smiling although his bag was 10 balls lighter.  The tee on this hole was so far back that a drive just past the red tees was considered a good drive.

It was good to welcome Nial Glover back and have Takeshi Hakozaki, for once forsaking Crystal Bay to join us.  It was a good move for him as he took first place, beating the ever-reliable Geoff Parker.  There was a three-way count back on 33 points for the minor places.

There was more fun back at the M Club as Richard Baldotto, with encouragement from the staff, regaled us with intimate details of how he should have won if he hadn’t wiped the last four holes and remained on 31 points from hole 14 onwards.  The problem poor Richard faced is he lost his swing (the one he found at Kabinburi) on the 15th here today, can anybody help?

Wednesday, June 21, Burapha C & D (blue tees) – Stableford

1st Colin Greig (9) 36pts

2nd Les Cobban (8) 35pts

3rd Sean Murphy (16) 34pts

Near Pins: Steve Durey, Nial Glover, Richard Baldotto, Colin Greig.

The day didn’t start too well as our golf organiser missed the turn-off and ended up near Bangpra, it’s really good for us old fellows when our youngest member has a ‘senior moment’.  They finally rejoined the rest but were now the last flight to tee off.

The weather was fine and the course in very good condition.  It turned out to be a close contest amongst our low markers with Robby Watts (H/cap 7), Colin Greig (9) and Les Cobban fighting out for the places.  In the end Colin prevailed to beat Les Cobban by one point and Sean Murphy managed to sneak past Robby into third.  As per Monday, Poor Richard Baldotto lost his swing again except for one par-3.

Friday, June 23, Greenwood (white tees) – Medal

1st Jimmy Carr (18) net 65

2nd Steve Durey (22) net 71

3rd Trevor Priestly (20) net 74

Near Pins: Richard Baldotto, Thomas Nyborg, Geoff Parker, Steve Durey.

As always the course was in good shape even though the fairways were soft after the heavy rains.  The longer handicappers fared better today under the hot and humid conditions, with Jimmy Carr beating his handicap by seven shots.  Handicapper please note!

Welcome back to Thomas Nyborg returning from Denmark where he was able to register as a pensioner despite his youthful looks.  He upset Neil Carter, the short hole specialist, by stealing his near pin.

The usual suspects are in the running for golfer of the month with Jimmy Carr a short head in front of Colin Greig and Geoff Parker.