Carmody shines at Eastern Star

Don Carmody (right) with Tom Herrington.
Don Carmody (right) with Tom Herrington.

PSC Golf from the Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday, June 26, Bangpra – Stableford

As far as I know this is the oldest course in the area and today it was in better condition than the last time we visited. I suppose the fact it had had less rain allowed it to be cut which made it a pleasure to play, although still as difficult as usual. The fairways were reasonable to play off and with them cut we got a bit of run and very little mud on the ball. The rough was a bit shorter so easier to get out of, a big help when you are in it so often.

This was always the course with the fastest greens, some of them were over the top and if you got above the pin it was practically impossible to stop the ball on the way down. Well those days have been over for some time, however on this day the greens were faster than the last visit and quite testing.

Back at base it was soon into the results and the winner with 38 points was Brian Gabe, ahead of Brian Parish in second with 35. Taking third was Gordon Clegg with 34 points and in fourth was Dick Warberg with 31. Good job Dick got this score because we had 5 players with 30 points and the count-back would have been fun.

We had a front and back nine best score for those not in the first four. Best front nine came from John Pierre with 17 points and best back nine by Nigel Perry with 17 on countback over Barry Elphick.

Friday, June 29, Eastern Star – Stableford

It’s been quite a while since the Tropical Golfers visited Eastern Star but recent reports from there had been positive, so it was time to go see for ourselves. This day, twelve intrepid golfers filled up at BJ’s Lodge and headed out to Ban Chang.

Upon arrival at the course we found that the clubhouse is undergoing major renovations. It looks like a new locker room is in the works, and who knows what else? The course was in good condition and greens true. Most forgot how tricky ES is, with very few “just hit it” holes. Most holes have some feature to deal with (water, narrow fairways, dogleg, etc.), forcing constant thinking during the round, which is painful for some. A few managed to get through however, and how did they score?

Don Carmody (c/h 29) found some magic on the tough course and earned himself a fine 37 points to take first place. Tom Herrington (16) was a stroke back with 36 points to make it close, and then John Pierrel (13) scored a respectable 34, and Brian Parish (11) took final roll call with 33 points.

Best 9 awards (non winning) went to Daryl Evans and Mashi Kaneta.