Carmody comes up trumps


PSC Golf from The Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday, March 24, Phoenix – Stableford

On this day we planned to play Phoenix after what must have been an 18 month gap So we set off with a large group of golfers willing to try out once more.  

We had a quick book in and then down to the start where we found that we were to play the Mountain and Lake nines.  On the scorecard it was difficult to see The Mountain and Lake and many came to ask me where they were, but we finally got to the start to find ourselves behind 3 three-balls.  Ever tried to play behind three balls when each hole is timed on the score card?

Monthly Mug winner Don Carmody flanked by Gerd, Kurt, Geoff, and Robert of BJ’s staff.Monthly Mug winner Don Carmody flanked by Gerd, Kurt, Geoff, and Robert of BJ’s staff.

I played bad for the first nine as I tried to force the pace, let us face it, some of the golfers can be slow and need a kick.  It is unfortunate that of late all players seem to try to be like the golfers they see on TV and stroll around, take many swings and line their putts up from many angles, even the high handicappers.

The two nines were in reasonable condition, but we had a strong wind for most of the round.  It was nice to play the course after so long and the general consensus of the players was that it was not a bad.  The fairways were in reasonable condition and the rough was difficult but the greens were a bit variable as there was some sand around.

Overall it seems like the Phoenix Management are making an effort to come back into the mainstream and we will see how it progresses, but with a ‘Sports Day’ now back on we will see how the golfers react.  For me I would like to see a new scorecard, but we cannot have everything.

Tuesday winners John Anderson (left) and Richard Kubicki (right) with the boss.Tuesday winners John Anderson (left) and Richard Kubicki (right) with the boss.

Back at BJ’s it was time for the results.  In the A Flight, 0 to 21, the winner was Richard Kubicki with a fine 36 points ahead of Brian Parish in second with 34 and then a count back on 33 points that saw John Davis in third, Simon Niven in fourth and Maurice Roberts just missing out.

In the B Flight the winner was John Anderson with 34 points ahead of a count back on 32 points that saw Carole Kubicki in second and Max Bracegirdle in third.  Occupying fourth spot was Dave Cooper with 31 points on count back over Rita Zoebeli.

So was the Phoenix Day a success?  Well it depends on what you expect, but it is a good course and with the Sports Day now in you will be able to see for yourself.

Near Pins:  Simon Niven, Mike O’Brien, Richard Kubicki

Long Putts:  Dave Cooper, Dick Warberg

Friday, March 27, Pattaya C.C. – Medal

Here we were, near the end of the month and time for the “BJ’s Tropical Golf Mug” medal competition.  With a sizable number of our regulars off on an out of country golf trip, a smaller group met at BJ’s for breakfast and transport arrangements.  By 08:30 we were on the road for the short trip to Pattaya CC.

After a quick check-in at the marvelous new clubhouse, our first group was headed down the first fairway a few minutes before the scheduled 09:28 tee time.  As this course has been improving each time we play here, all were wondering if this trend would continue.  The course did not disappoint and the greens are steadily improving, but with the back nine still a bit slower than the front.

With no one playing in front of us it was “Millionaires Golf” as our groups were around in less than four hours, great pace of play and enjoyable for all.  There is an advantage playing a course close to Pattaya as we were back at BJ’s so early the staff was still setting up our usual table arrangement.  After a bite and a brew it was straight into the results.

With four net scores in the 60’s the announcement of the podium winners was met with great applause.  Congratulations to Don Carmody for putting together an excellent round of net 64 off his 25 handicap to win the March Mug.  Three shots back in second was Kurt Ebentheuer (34) with a net 67 while Gerd Riedler (10) took third with a net 68 and Geoff Bracegirdle (16) ws fourth on net 69.  Some very good golf played today.

Near Pins: Mashi Kaneta, Brian Parish(2); Long Putt: Max Bracegirdle