Cannon guns for glory at Jack’s Birthday Bash


PSC golf with The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, May 2, Burapha – Stableford

The 20 Outbackers arriving at the usual Monday venue, fully expecting to pay the increased holiday rate, received a pleasant surprise, as they were treated to the normal rate for the Outback.

Back on the A & C nines, ahead of the ASEAN Tour tournament starting later in the week on B & D, Steve Mann, the day’s organiser, remained in a kind mood setting them the easier white tees.

Nevertheless, only Chris Sloan took full advantage with the day’s top score of 39 points to win Div A, with Rosco some six shots back as Andy Makara equalled his handicap, scoring 36 points to take the B division.

The visiting Bruce McAdam was second in Div B on 35 and there were no ‘2’s.

Div A (0-14)

1st Chris Sloan (6) 39pts

2nd Rosco Langoulant (14) 33pts

3rd Paul Young (12) 33pts

4th Owen Walkley (10) 31pts

Div B (15+)

1st Andrew Makara (27) 36pts

2nd Bruce McAdam (22) 35pts

3rd Greg Hill (26) 33pts

4th Ivan Plunkett (20) 30pts

Tuesday, May 3, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

To celebrate General Jack’s 61st birthday he decided to have a ‘fun’ rainbow competition (your choice of tees in any order, 6 blues, 6 whites and 6 red) with the ladies playing 12 red and 6 white.

Jack’s Birthday Bash winners: (from the left) Mike Allidi (Div. A winner), Jack, Nigel Cannon (Overall winner) and Jan Eriksen (Div. C winner). Jack’s Birthday Bash winners: (from the left) Mike Allidi (Div. A winner), Jack, Nigel Cannon (Overall winner) and Jan Eriksen (Div. C winner).

Some 56 regular Outbackers and friends from the local golfing community came along to make this a memorable occasion, with special welcomes not only to Tony Oakes (PSC President), Joe Mooneyham (PSC Golf Chairman) and Bob Rasmussen (PSC PR Chairman) but also to Brad Sproxton (The Golf Club), Jack Spencer, Ken McCarthy and Robbie Bennett to name but a few.

It all began at the Outback with Tuesday organiser Chad sorting out the groups as a number of names had been added since the night before, with Capt’ Bob in attendance welcoming the many who came for breakfast.

As the first tee time got nearer, the clubhouse was buzzing and once again the PCC made booking-in efficient and easy under the watchful eye of ‘Jenny’.

As Chad got the 15 groups underway he joked with Jack saying, “Can you have your next year’s birthday event at Burapha?  I’m not used to this many here at Pattaya on a Tuesday”.  But as ever it went very smoothly with plenty of banter and tales to be told as each group waited to be called up.

The course was in good shape – some wet patches and a few bunkers with some water in but after all this was to be a ‘fun day’.

Some of the regulars at PCC had already worked out their respective tees, others choosing to do it “on the hoof” so to speak, but never let it be said that playing at our level, that playing off the shorter ‘red tees’ is easy.

As the groups came in Nigel Cannon, who was in one of the first groups out, collected the cards, sorted out the four divisions and noted the scores – with a considerable amount of interest!  This was to make the job for Chad, who was playing in the last group with Capt’ Bob, much easier; particularly as they had consumed six beers apiece, together with Geoff and Bryce, before they even teed off!

It was then back to the bar for the Outback’s popular barbecue where the chef had the usual delights on offer, all courtesy of the bar.

Unfortunately at this time of year we have to cope with the flies, which can be annoying, so it was tuck in quick before they had a chance or wait it out until dusk, when mysteriously they all disappear.  Why hasn’t someone worked out where they (the flies) all go at night?

Capt’ Bob opened the proceedings with a welcome and appreciation to all on this day, Jack’s Birthday, as Nigel (the Outback’s resident MC) then took over to announce the results.

Nigel began by wishing Jack a Happy Birthday on behalf of all who played today and a few others who for various reasons were unable to join in the day personally.  Appreciation was given to all the Outback staff that were in for another busy time with a big thank you to the chef.

As is customary in these Birthday Cup events, there has to be an outright winner, who was to be announced at the end of the presentation of winners in the four divisions.  Div A went to Mike Allidi, who once again demonstrated his love of this course with 39 points (70 gross).  Second and third went to a couple of friendly ‘light side raiders’, Jack Spencer (37) and Chaten Patel (34) before Steve Mann upheld the ‘darkside banner’ taking fourth with 33.

Jeff Williams won Div B with 36 points as the ‘Birthday Boy’ scrambled into fourth with 34 and Jan Eriksen took Div C with a fine 41 points ahead of the Sugarman’s 39.  Jez Mack’s better back nine earned him first place in Div D, as the affable John White, had to settle for second, both scoring 38 points.

Nigel then handed over to Jack himself to announce the overall winner!  Well, you could hardly expect Nigel to do it.  Jack thanked everybody for the day and although his golf isn’t up to much at the moment, he said, “it’s still a lot of fun organising these days out”.

So who was the overall winner, Nigel of course, who knows his way round Pattaya Country Club in the dark as does his long time caddie of five years or more, Sombat.  Well done Nigel, an excellent 43 points and your name on the honours board.

A short time later, Jack rang the bell to loud cheers and a rendering of Happy Birthday as many remained at the bar late into the evening.

On behalf of all – thanks Jack for another special day at the Outback.


1st Nigel Cannon (23) 43pts

Div A (0-13)

1st Mike Allidi (1) 39pts

2nd Jack Spencer (11) 37pts

3rd Chaten Patel (12) 34pts

4th Steve Mann (9) 33pts

Div B (14-17)

1st Jeff Williams (17) 36pts

2nd Lawrence McBride (15) 35pts

3rd Paul Smets (17) 34pts

4th Jack Moseley (15) 34pts

Div C (18-21)

1st Jan Eriksen (18) 41pts

2nd Sugar Ray Handford (18) 39pts

3rd John Morel (20) 35pts

4th John Stafford (20) 35pts

Div D (22+)

1st Jez Mack (28) 38pts

2nd John White (26) 38pts

3rd Kenneth Davidson (22) 34pts

4th Terry Marney (27) 32pts

Wednesday, May 4, The Emerald – Stableford

With hangovers from Jack’s Birthday Bash and a dozen playing in the Pro Am at Burapha, only five Outbackers managed to find their way to the Emerald.  The course was deserted and we were able to experience millionaire’s golf with a round that took just on 4 hours, for our five-ball.  The course itself was in great condition and the greens, whilst receptive to good shots, were very fast and true.

Andy Makara continued his good form of late and was the winner with 34 points off his 27 handicap.  Next best was Stephen Mann with 31 off his 9 handicap on a count-back from Owen Walkley.

There were no ‘2’s on the day.

1st Andrew Makara (27) 34pts

2nd Steve Mann (9) 31pts

Friday, May 6, Khao Kheow – Stableford

Anybody travelling towards Bangkok, particularly late in the day, be warned of northbound carriageway repairs approaching the Khao Kheow turn off.  Without warning the highway is suddenly reduced to just two lanes and you will find slow moving heavy trucks in the outside lanes.  We were fortunate that there was little traffic around in the morning causing no delay but when we left the course, the tailbacks going north were at a standstill for at least 5 kilometres, travelling back to Pattaya was OK.

As for the golf, there were 30 Outbackers having a go at the A & B nines, in what was a relatively slow moving round of around four and a quarter hours.  The greens were in good conditions but the fairways showed increasing signs of the ingress of the broad leaf ‘cow grass’, making the course look unkempt and in need of some TLC, before it’s too late.

One of our guys played a shot he would sooner forget on the first tee, as his ball never got above eighteen inches off the ground, striking one of the rope pegs square on.  It (the ball) came straight back at him ending up on the tee box some twenty yards behind him, leaving him an embarrassing second shot, to the amusement of the remaining waiting groups.

Steve Mann (35pts) and Capt’ Bob (34pts) filled the top two places in Div A in a day of poor scoring, whilst Greg Hill, whose score was later adjusted to 32 points in a stewards enquiry, had still done enough to win Div B.  Barry McIntosh was second with 31.

There were four ‘2’s from Steve Mann, Danny Medd, Chris Sloan & Tony Gliddon.

Div A (0-17)

1st Steve Mann (9) 35pts

2nd Bob Philp (10) 34pts

3rd Geoff Williams (17) 33pts

4th Suzi Lawton (17) 31pts

Div B (18+)

1st Greg Hill (23) 32pts

2nd Barry McIntosh (18) 31pts

3rd John Stafford (20) 28pts

4th Kenneth Davidson (22) 27pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  All are welcome to come and join us for a beer and a hit.  Just call in and put your name down on the list or give Bob a call on 087 941 2474.