Camel team secure bragging rights for another year


The focus of the golfing world once again turned to the sleepy seaside hamlet of Banchang for the renowned and highly anticipated latest and 6th iteration of the Annual Camel Bar versus Beaver Bar Challenge match, staged at the constantly evolving and almost championship course of The Emerald, Banchang, on Saturday, October 26. 

It was a lovely clear day and the pressure on the gathered troops hung in the air like a trapeze artist, just about to fall out of reach.  The format was two-man better-ball in matchplay and both sides had 20 players each, skillfully managed by Hubert from the Camel and Larry from the Beaver.

The victorious Camel Bar team.The victorious Camel Bar team.

This match always draws the golfing luminaries with such notables for the Camel as Paul Smith, Dave Stockman, Simon Dutton and ‘Shotgun’ Scotty McKiernan (his balls go like shot from a gun), while the Beaver could boast among its ranks Steve Mascari, Tony Oakes, Roger Coe and Mike “Southpaw” Olsen (with that swing, you never see ‘em coming), amongst all the other great and standup participants.

All teams embraced the vent and some great matches were had; suffice it to say that after the first two matches it was one all, after the 4th match completed it was 2 all, and after the 7th match it was 3½ to 3½.  This was great and gripping stuff folks and the vast galleries (Hubert & Larry) were stampeding around closely following the last three matches.

Even though they (all three) were closely fought down the 18th, the eighth and ninth matches went to the Camel (just) and the tenth match, after a Herculian comeback by Shotgun Scotty & Marty (4 down with 5 to play), ended up all square to give the match and retention of the cup to the Camel, 6 and 4.

A sumptuous Tex-Mex buffet and presentation was held at the Camel Pub, Banchang afterwards and handshakes and backslaps were the order of the day for this fiercely contested but always friendly match.  Terry from the Camel and Larry from the Beaver extend their hearty thanks to all participants and groupies for another great day.