Butler bales out with win at Emerald


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

PARASUB:  Monday, 6th February, Treasure Hills – Stableford

A totally deserted course upon arrival and we teed-off 30 minutes ahead of our 10.00 start time.  After the tee renovations here over the past few months they are now in excellent condition.

We had three groups out and no ladies with the cut at 7-16, 17-20 and 21+ in the 3 divisions.  We always play off the yellow tees here and the best score winning division 1 with 37 points was Raivo Velsberg, with Matti Pihlajisto in second after beating Chris Voller on a 11/9 back six count back, both on 32 points.

Jomtien golfers pose for a group photo on their Kanchanaburi road trip, Sunday, Feb. 12. Jomtien golfers pose for a group photo on their Kanchanaburi road trip, Sunday, Feb. 12.

Tony Holehouse with 36 points topped division 3 ahead of Magne Gunnarson who beat Zorro on a 20/13 back nine count back after both came in with 34 points each.

Harry Cowling won division 2 with 35 points, Rudi Schaefer was second one point behind and Jean Morel took third on 33.

Near pins went to Kari Aarnio, Raivo Velsberg, Chris Voller, Jack Watkins, Harry Cowling (2), John Steel and Vambola.

It must have be Harry Cowling’s day as he birdied the 13th for the only two in division 2. There were no winners in division 1 so a rollover ensued to Emerald on Wednesday.

Wednesday, 8th February, The Emerald – Stableford

There was a ladies division today and 51 men out in three divisions with the cut at 3-15, 16-19 and 20+.

In his last game but one for six months, Paul Butler won division 1 with 37 points, Ron Miller was second one point behind, Raivo Velsberg took third on 33 and Heikki Alanko beat Barry Stirling on a 19/16 back nine count back after they both came in with 32’s.

Burnie Sinclair topped division 2 with 35 points, and with 4 places in each division three came in with 32 points; John Harvey taking second after beating Mauri Friman and Rodney Howett 17/15/14 on count back.

Thirty points was the best score in division 2 with Erki Pohja beating Keith Hector 15/13 on count back while Tony Barritt was third with 29, edging out Harry Vincenzi 17/14 on the back nine.

Miss Nut wins the ladies division with 34 points.

Near pins were claimed by Miss Nut, Jouko, Matti Pihlajisto, Marty Rock, Raivo Velsberg, John Harvey, Ian Plummer and Bryan Rought.

Marty Rock birdied the 7th and Paul Butler the 15th to share the ‘2’s pot in division 1 with one rollover added and in division 2 there are no two ‘2’s today.

Friday, 10th February, Eastern Star – Stableford

The lovely Pranee Bosset, back from Toulouse, won the ladies division today at Eastern Star on 38 points, with Josie Monks in second place.

Ya Riley had a great round today and came in with 38 points to claim division 2 honours ahead of Frank Kelly in second one point behind, and Volker Suhr in his last game with us before his return to Switzerland took third on 34.

Ian Hart topped division 2 with 37 points, Tony Holehouse was in the frame again with 36 points for second place and Magne Gunnarsson came third with 35.

Ron Miller surprisingly won division 1 with 33 points, Bill Bertram was second three points behind and Chris Voller claimed third place on 29.

There was another welcome return for Alan Bissell after many months in Nigeria.

Near pins went to Verana Suhr, Mikael Andersson, Tony Doherty, Ron Miller, Jerry McCarthy, Alan Bissell, Harry Cowling and Paul Chabot.

There are no ‘2’s in either division so a good rollover to next Friday.