Bunn blitz at Crystal Bay


Travellers Rest Golf Group

Pattaya is well known in the golfing world as being bandit territory: Golfers come to Pattaya from all four corners of the globe looking for a great time and to play some holiday golf on some of the most beautiful courses in Thailand.  Unfortunately the bandits amongst them don’t ride into town sporting Stetsons, silver spurs and handlebar moustaches, which would make them easier to identify.  They stroll in as nonchalant as you like with their dodgy handicaps looking to clear up and sometimes they do for a while.

I hope all the golf societies in Pattaya are as diligent as the TRGG in identifying the bandits and weeding them out for the benefit of the vast majority who are honest upstanding people looking for a fair competition in which to play their golf.

Ted Senior, left, winner at Khao Kheow and Jeff Bunn, right, winner at Emerald and Crystal Bay. Ted Senior, left, winner at Khao Kheow and Jeff Bunn, right, winner at Emerald and Crystal Bay.

I shall now get off my soap box and am pleased to announce that all the people who won our competitions this week are not bandits but are fine upstanding members of the golfing fraternity.

On Monday 23rd July we paid a visit to Emerald where the course beat the golfers as no one in the field managed to play to their handicap.  Mr Consistent Jeff Bunn (7) proved to be the best of the rest, winning with 35 points.  Magnus Alvarsson (14) was second with 33 points and Jim McNeill was third with 32.

Tuesday 24th July saw the group take on Khao Kheow (A and B courses) and found it in as beautiful condition as always and as tough as usual.

For the second day running no one bettered their handicap but Ted Senior (13) was the cream that rose to the top, winning on count back with 35 points from Richard Talbot (20).  On this occasion Jeff Bunn (7) could only take third place with 34 points.

Just a side note but Richard Talbot is not just a keen golfer but a more than competent marathon runner and was competing in the Bangkok Marathon being held on Sunday 29th July, so good luck Richard we shall be looking out for your progress.

On Thursday 26th July we paid our usual visit to Phoenix (Mountain/Lakes courses) where that old stager Alun Evans (23) showed the rest that there is still life in the old dog by taking the honours on count back with 37 points from Ted Senior (13).  Tewin Poopay Lampong stood up for the ladies by finishing a very respectable third with 35 points.

Saturday 28th July saw the TRGG take on Crystal Bay (A and B courses) and that man Jeff Bunn (7) took the course apart returning an amazing 40 points – so I guess that means Jeff is playing off six next week!  It might mean it gives the rest of us a chance but I doubt it, Jeff never seems to have a bad day like the rest of us mortals.

Following in second was Magnus Alvarsson (14) with an excellent 38 points and Fergus Brennan obviously got his game back into gear by taking third place with 36.

Good luck to all you golfing enthusiasts for the coming week!