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PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, November 14, Khao Kheow – Stabelford

A relatively low turnout at Khao Kheow this week on what was otherwise a busy course.  23 Outbackers lined up to do battle on the C & B nines, with at the end of the day, the course once again being the victor as only the returning Jon Kittilsen was able to match his handicap on this tricky layout.  He won Div B with his 36 points, the next best being Bob Lindborg with just 30 and a pair of 29’s just behind.

Div A was won by the consistent Dennis Pelly, who also leads the Big Mango Properties sponsored, monthly ‘best 6 cards tournament’ by quite some margin.  Dave Buchanan also returned to the Outback today, bringing with him his brother, Alan, playing with us for the first time.  Dave excelled on the first hole, C1, as he hit driver, eight iron through the green on this opening par 5, before chipping his next shot in the hole for his eagle!

Friday podium placers (from left): Mark McDonald, Dave Buchanan, Bryce Stick and Murray Hart. Friday podium placers (from left): Mark McDonald, Dave Buchanan, Bryce Stick and Murray Hart.

Capt’ Bob remained in the wilderness with his game, scoring a measly 27 points off nine as he continues to try to prove to the General that his handicap should be increased!

There were only two ‘2’s, both on the Island Green (B8) from Bob Lindborg & Bryce Stick.

Div A (0-16)

1st Dennis Pelly (11/10.9) 35pts

2nd Dave Buchanan (1) 34pts

3rd Murray Hart (14/12.9) 33pts

4th Bob St. Aubin (12/11.4) 30pts

Div B (17+)

1st Jon Kittilsen (22/Hi20.7) 36pts

2nd Bob Lindborg (20/18.8) 30pts

3rd Chris Thompson (25/23.8) 29pts

4th Clint Pingree (33/30.5) 29pts

Tuesday, November 15, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

Here remained as popular as ever with another excellent turnout of 25 players but as with yesterday, proved that this course is no pushover and should not be taken lightly.  Turnip’s group, which includes many who played here again today, found the course playing 3 shots tougher than par, giving the Turnip himself a bit of a shock after being cut 0.3 with just 34 points.

Today was little better as Chad found himself being cut 0.4 for his Div A win with 35 points as the course again played harder than par, this time by 2 shots.  It’s not clear why, in what seems to be near perfect conditions, the course is giving everybody such a hard time, maybe it’s the slick greens or just the additional run from the generally firmer lies.

Bryce Stick stood head and shoulders above the rest, using his brand new set of clubs purchased at the Outback, for only the second time to score 39 points, seven clear of course specialist, Nigel Cannon on 32.

In the DeVere sponsored eclectic, Dennis (aka Turnip) maintained his lead with 53 points, ahead of John Cogan (51) and Chad (50).

There were no ‘2’s recorded.

Div A (0–17)

1st Barry Chadbourn (17/18.6) 35pts

2nd Dennis Persson (14/15.6) 34pts

3rd Billy Fitzgerald (12/13) 33pts

4th Jack Moseley (14/14.9) 30pts

Div B (18+)

1st Bryce Stick (18/19) 39pts

2nd Nigel Cannon (21/21.6) 32pts

3rd Noy Kamsantia (23/22.2) 31pts

4th Ken Davidson (21/22.1) 31pts

Wednesday, November 16, Burapha – Stabelford

The course played pretty straightforward (one shot easier than par) for the 21 Outbackers out there on A & B from the long blues, in what was ideal conditions.  Mick Morrison (38pts), here on a flying visit, carded the best score of the day in Div A, with Mark Bell, also a regular visitor to the Outback, going well for his 36 points, to take second.  The day’s top score came from Chris Thompson with 40 points to take Div B from Bob Lindborg in second with 36.

There were five ‘2’s from Neil Lavery on hole A3, Bryce Stick & Pete Stonebridge (hole A6), Dave Buchanan (B3) and Andy Makara (B8).

Div A (0–19)

1st Mick Morrison (14/11.3) 38pts

2nd Mark Bell (13/10) 36pts

3rd Pete Stonebridge (19/15.2) 35pts

4th Neil Lavery (14/11) 35pts

Div B (20+)

1st Chris Thompson (29/23.9) 40pts

2nd Bob Lindborg (23/18.8) 36pts

3rd Geoff Williams (22/18.2) 35pts

4th Alan Buchanan (23/19.1) 35pts

Friday,November 18, Green Valley – Stableford

Thirty Outbackers here at Green Valley today and quite a number of new faces in Peter Jason and Mike Jackson as well as Mike Kavanagh and Mick Indge (hope that’s spelt right).  A big welcome to them and also to the returning Rick Sinfield, Richard Steadman, John Locke, Barry Lewis, Paul Sibley and Ian Humphrey.

A good pace of play with some excellent scoring, particularly from Mark McDonald in Div A, with 73 off the stick for his 37 points off a handicap of 2 and Dave Buchanan with the same 73 gross, off his handicap of +1 for his 34 points and the runner up spot.

Bryce Stick continued to shine with his new clubs, scoring 41 points to take Div B by six from Ed Horrocks.  Bryce contributed his win to the lightweight putter that came with the new clubs, saying that he just couldn’t miss with it.

There were four ‘2’s, two on hole 4 from Mark McDonald & Murray Hart and two on hole 12 from Ed Horrocks and Rick Sinfield.

Div A (0–12)

1st Mark McDonald (2/3.2) 37pts

2nd Dave Buchanan (+1/1.1) 34pts

3rd Murray Hart (12/12.9) 34pts

4th Rick Sinfield (0/2) 32pts

Div B (13+)

1st Bryce Stick (17/17.4) 41pts

2nd Ed Horrocks (21/21.1) 35pts

3rd Jon Kittilson (20/19.9) 35pts

4th John Locke (16/15.9) 35pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  All are welcome to come and join us for a beer and a hit. Just call in and put your name down on the list or give Bob a call on 087 941 2474.


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