Brown masters Pattavia’s putting challenge

Karen Brown (left) and Peter Bygballe (right) with Dave ‘The Admiral’ Richardson.
Karen Brown (left) and Peter Bygballe (right) with Dave ‘The Admiral’ Richardson.

PSC Golf from Café Kronborg

Monday, Jan. 15, Pattavia – Stableford

A Flight (0-20)

1st Peter Bygballe (20) 31pts

2nd Richard Kubicki (15) 31pts

3rd Ronnie Ratte (19) 30pts

4th Henning Olsen (17) 30pts

5th Rob Brown (10) 27pts

B Flight (21+)

1st Karen Brown (35) 34pts

2nd Kai Aabling (23) 33pts

3rd Torben Sorensen (24) 33pts

4th Elias Magnuson (22) 32pts

5th Jan Lovgreen (23) 32pts

Near Pins: Elias Magnuson, Carole Kubicki, Elias Magnusson, Kai Aabling.

Long Putts: Ty Anderson, Peter Bygballe.

Cafe Kronborg played at Pattavia on Monday where the course was once again in good shape and the greens had been mown to within a millimetre of their life.  Any faster and this would have been a crazy golf day, where uphill putts not going in the hole would roll back to your feet and beyond.  This was a baptism of fire welcome to “Thai golf” for half the group and good scores were not expected, even though we were playing off the forward yellow tees.

Back in the clubhouse cards proved the prediction true and no one played to their handicap.  The A Flight winner was Peter Bygballe with 31 points, beating Richard Kubicki into on count-back, and Ronnie Ratte won another count-back to take third ahead of Henning Olsen.  Fifth place was also decided on count-back where a surprised Rob Brown took it with 27 points, beating Ty Anderson who lost out.

In B Flight Karen Brown was the golfer of the day with a very respectable 34 points.  Second and third places were decided on count-back, Kai Aabling taking the silver with 33 points and a massive 14 points on the last 6 holes, beating Torben Sorensen.   The minor podium slots also went to a count-back Elias Magnuson edging out Jan Lovgreen.

Thursday, Jan. 18, Plutaluang E & S – Stableford

A Flight (0-20)

1st Rob Brown (10) 43pts

2nd Ronnie Ratte (19) 40pts

3rd Henning Olsen (17) 35pts

4th John Sichlau (14) 34pts

B Flight (21+)

1st Kaj Aabling (23) 41pts

2nd Carole Kubicki (24) 37pts

3rd Jan Lovgreen (23) 37pts

4th Torben Sorensen (24) 34pts

Near Pins: Thorbjorn Asmundsson, Torben Sorensen, Rob Brown, Barrie Richmond.

Long Putts: Jan Lovgreen, Peter Bygballe.

Cafe Kronborg played the East and South nines at Plutaluang and the course was in reasonable condition, with greens running slow as usual and some with an odd patch of damage.

We teed off on time and the round went on with no delays and in about 4 and a half hours we were back in the clubhouse.  Here the cards showed that some people found the course easier than others.

The A Flight winner was Rob Brown with the best score of the day, a superb 43 points off his 10 handicap, that would be 75 off the stick and it could have easily been better.  This made the Brown’s top scorers for the week, Karen his wife having had the best score on Monday.

In second place was Ronnie Ratte with a great 40 points, again this could easily have been better with a bit more luck.  Third place was taken by Henning Olsen with 35 points, continuing his return to form. The very pleasant John Sichlau, one of the newbies, came fourth with a solid 34.

Kaj Aabling had another superb score today, winning B flight with 41 points.  Second and third place were decided on count-back and Carole Kubicki took the silver with a sound 20 points on the last 9 to edge out Jan Lovgreen.  Torben Sorensen took fourth spot with 34 points.