Brown & Dunne share the spoils at Silky Oak


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Wednesday, Dec. 26, Silky Oaks – Stableford

Being that time of the year, we decided to do what we do every Christmas and visit Silky Oaks and do our Christmas thing.  Dick went out and bought some bottles of wine and we assembled in Bert’s at a later than normal time, allowing for a late night the day before.  We had a good turnout and our decision to make not only the day festive, but to make the results the same was greeted with the ‘Spirit of Xmas.’ 

So off we went and quite surprisingly the booking-in was easy and quick, especially as Green Valley and St Andrews book in at the same place.  For those who do not recognise the course, it is on the Green Valley complex and is a 9 hole course which you play twice.  Each time you play you use different tees and different greens on back nine and front nine.  All in all this is a course you have to know as the change in the holes can be quite confusing – at least to many of us.  So with an 1130 start we were a bit early at the tee and fortunately were away a bit early.

Wednesday’s Low Gross and Stableford winners Rob Brown and Kevin Dunne, obviously ‘just good friends’. Wednesday’s Low Gross and Stableford winners Rob Brown and Kevin Dunne, obviously ‘just good friends’.

The course is in fine condition, a bit of a surprise as essentially you play each fairway twice, except for the odd one.  The fairways were in good condition and the rough was about what you would expect rough to be.  There is plenty of water on this course so if water scares you, play somewhere else.  We found the greens were ‘OK’ but they were very slow.

This is a course that is perfect for a relaxing day at Christmas and the rate is also set at a realistic level.  However, with only one rest stop you can be caught out and a top up first time around is essential.  All in all a fine day out, but beware you have to take a cart.

Round over, you have the fine facilities of Green Valley, with the decent changing rooms and an assortment of eating places.  I usually eat in the German Restaurant but Mashi likes to partake of the Japanese cuisine (I really have no idea why!), whilst the rest of the players generally split between them all.

Back at Bert’s the players tucked into Bert’s Christmas present to them, turkey stew, and it was really good.  Then into the rather convoluted winners list:  The best gross score was Rob Brown’s gross 79 and the best stableford score came from Kevin Dunne with 44 points.  We then had a ‘Lucky Draw Pairs’ and the winners were Richard Kubicki and Torsten Bischof with 65 points.  In second place came Mike O’Brien and Paul Alford with 64 points on count back over Carol Kubicki and Daryl Evans in third.  Fourth place went to Mike Gaussa and Derek Brook with 62 points on count back over Brian Parish and Keith Phillips in fifth.

Near Pins:  Kevin Dunne, Henry Wong, Rob Brown (2)

Friday, Dec. 28, Plutaluang – Stableford

With my usual ‘liking’ for the North and West at Plutaluang, I did my normal and got some Z’s in.  Meanwhile ‘The Warberger’, feeling a little better than I did, got it together and took 21 players to the course.

He reported they had a good day at Plutaluang and played the West and North Nines from the white tees.  The course was in as good a condition as he had seen it, with the rough cut down to a reasonable height and the drier conditions giving a bit more roll.  Greens had the usual pace for Navy and the ball rolled true.  Pace of play was good but with three 3-balls and three 4-balls the starter inserted a group between our 3-balls and 4-balls after nine holes as a gap had developed.

Friday winner Dick Warberg. Friday winner Dick Warberg.

Traffic was a nightmare on the way back to Pattaya, but I guess this is to be expected on a Friday afternoon between Christmas and New Year.

We had two flights, the A Flight being 0 to 19 with the winner being Dick Warberg on 39 points ahead of Walter Baechli with 35 points in second on count back over Mark West in third.  In the B Flight the winner was Mick Couglan with 43 points, with Barry Elphick in second on 37 and Barry Oats in third with 34 points.

Then, as it was still ‘The Festive Season’ we were all ‘Festive’.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins:  Max Scott (2), Joel Flor, Barry Elphick.