Brown bags 40-pointer at Khao Kheow


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, Feb. 7, Khao Kheow – Stableford

We always like going to Khao Kheow – this is a quality, if very tough, course and these days it is just a quick trip up Route 7.  Not only that, these days you can get straight onto the correct road without all the heavy traffic in town.

It did not take long to get there, and we were soon through the booking-in and onto the first Tee.  We were to play the A & B Nines, best 18 holes, so we were soon up the first, which is the last time you play an easy hole, then onto the holes that are, to put it softly, tough.  We were as usual playing into a strong wind and while the fairways were good, the rough was difficult and the greens were fast and tricky.

First 2 in each flight with one of Bert’s finest. First 2 in each flight with one of Bert’s finest.

Then the day changed as one of our players collapsed on the 3rd hole after being bitten by something and having a bad reaction.  We thought at first it was maybe worse, but it was bad enough.  The caddie acted fast and got a cart out and we were soon back at the clubhouse.  Our friend was not well so it was into an ambulance and off to Phyathai Hospital in Sriracha.

Let me say here that if you are going to take a ‘turn’ on a golf course you could do a lot worse than Khao Kheow.  The staff were absolutely superb in looking after our distressed friend; the ambulance was quick and all was handled with much care.  Also the manager Khun Surapol was absolutely excellent and drove ahead of me on the way to the hospital and stayed as interpreter with the hospital staff.  A big thanks to him.

Also big thanks to Gavin Waddell, the ‘International Marketing Executive’ of the hospital.  It is scary in these places and Khun Surapol and Gavin breached a big gap, thanks again.  Also thanks to the hospital, they were very professional and if you are thinking of going here, they are ‘Farang Friendly’.

Our friend is now much improved and has been released, however be careful on the courses, there are still nasty creepy crawlies out there, and that is just the golfers.

Back at the course, sitting in the restaurant, the scores were coming in and they were either good or bad.  So it was into cars and back to Tropical Bert’s.

Arriving at Bert’s it was on with the presentation.  In the A Flight, 0 to 15, the winner was Rob Brown with a great 40 points ahead of Richard Kubicki with 38 points in second.  In third was Masa Tojo with 35 points.

In the B Flight, the winner was Carole Kubicki with 39 points ahead of Bernie Cairns in second with 37 points and Karen Brown in third with, yes the points are correct, 27 points.

So with that we had a few drinks on our sick friend.  But he will be back, be warned.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins:  Bob Watson, Rob Brown, Dennis Bayley, Masa Tojo

Long Putts:  Landis Brooks, Carole Kubicki