Brought and paid for


The Backyard Golf Society

Oh the joys of the high season.  It was with a profound sense of dread that we arrived at Emerald on Friday, Jan. 22, to be greeted by a veritable fleet of Korean carrying buggies at the first tee.  Luckily the starter saw the benefit of looking after those who play the course every week of the year and several groups were sent off to the 10th.  Nevertheless, with so many groups already out ahead of us and with some Beaver lads showing a distinct lack of interest in playing golf at a reasonable pace, we were subjected to a 4-1/2 hour round, a scandalous way to play golf.  Needlework or origami might be a better choice at this time of year.

The winner today was “Who BRought him”.  After the first 5 holes the BRought looked as if he might shoot 45 points or more but some devious tactics from other players did slow his progress as the round went on.  The BRought has been watching far too much golf on the idiot-box of late and has taken to using the plumb-bob method from the side as well as behind his upcoming putt, but at least the range-finder was not used so much on holes he has doubtless played 100 times before, from the same tees.

The BRought was also the big winner in the skins with 10.  The Quiet Man won 4, The Impregnator won 2 and we have 2 rolled over to next week.  The near-pin was a bust, with no one staying on the par-3 15th, so that too is rolled over.