Brooks crowned Tropical golfer of the year


The Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday, Dec. 27, Green Valley – Monthly Mug

Tuesday was monthly mug day and 7 groups set off into a stiff breeze at Green Valley.  The strong wind continued all the way around and was a contributing item in the final scores of all the players.  Other facts were that the course was not in bad condition, but wear was shown in all areas and the greens were fast and tricky, especially in the winds.

The decision by Green Valley to change some of the holes in par and number is also in the process and seemingly was set to be done by January 1.  We have seen many changes before at Green Valley, some good, some not, so we will see what the new design brings.

Round over and back BJ’s in Pattaya it was soon time to get into the results.  The winner of the monthly mug was Mick Coghlan with a fine net 65, in second was Derek Brook with nNet 69 and we then had a count back on net 71 that saw Dick Warberg in third and Nigel Perry fourth.  In fifth was Landis Brooks with a net 73.

The winner of the best front nine was Brian Gabe and the back nine champ today was Barry Elphick.

Finally to the golfer of the month award and the winner, as in November, was Tom Herrington.

Near Pins:  Landis Brooks, Bryan Lynch, Buckers, Rob Brown.
Long Putts: Torsten Bischoff, Tom Herrington.

Tom Herrington (left) and Mick Coghlan (right) with Lek.
Tom Herrington (left) and Mick Coghlan (right) with Lek.

Friday, Dec. 30, Silky Oak – Stableford

On Monday we crowned our last golfer of the month for the year, and for today the suspense was created by wondering who would win the golfer of the year award.  Bets were on several names, but no one knew for sure.

The game took place at Silky Oak, it was a relaxing day as we were allowed to use drop zones if desired and even the weather was excellent.

Andre Van Dyk had the best stableford score of the day with a festive 43 points!  He is in top form now.  The best low gross score was by uber-golfer Bob Watson (who else?).  Technical prizes were won by Barry Elphick, Dave Stockman, Landis Brooks, Bob Watson, and Torsten Bischoff.

The highlight of the day and even the year was the feast put on by Lek, Bill, and the staff at BJ’s Holiday Lodge post game.  Bellies full and thirst quenched it was then time for “business”.

Starting with the best scores, pairs of names were called and each golfer went up to pick a bottle from the fine selection of wines.  When it was all done everyone had a bottle, or more.  Funny how it just worked out!

The golfer of the year comp was a long fight over 12 months and a close finish at the end, but Landis Brooks won out and everyone agreed he certainly deserved it.  Even with handicaps and all, the best golfer award was quite fittingly won by – the best golfer!

Landis Brooks (left) with Andre Van Dyk (centre) and Bob Watson.
Landis Brooks (left) with Andre Van Dyk (centre) and Bob Watson.