Brooks bests the field to land monthly award


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, June 24, Crystal Bay – Stableford

The ‘wife’ woke me up with the comment, generally, that I wanted my head testing as everyone knew it was going to be stormy for the next couple of days and that I would make better use of my time by just rolling over and going to sleep.  However, forcing my eyes open I struggled out of bed and half asleep bimbled around to Bert’s.

It looked a bit grey above but being pretty stubborn I entered Bert’s to be met by the players for the day.  The decision was made we would go, although there were few of us as this is the quiet time of the year after all, so off we went.

Dick Warberg (left) presents the MBMG Group Golfer of the Month award to Landis Brooks.Dick Warberg (left) presents the MBMG Group Golfer of the Month award to Landis Brooks.

As we approached Crystal Bay the clouds seemed to clear a little and we lived in hope.  However a surprise met the scribe as I opened my carry bag to find no shoes and a very clean bag.  So new shoes had to be bought.  Then arriving at the first tee I opened my very clean golf bag to find no golf balls, no tees and all the golf gloves clean and lined up.  As I walked to the tee I also found the gloves inside out – seems madam had washed everything.  Final bite was three drivers in the bag, happy days!

We found the test for the day was to be the A & C nines, and a very strong wind was blowing, and while it was helping us at the start we were mindful of the fact that all too soon it would be blowing into our face.  This also does not take into account the cross wind that took the ball where it wanted.

The course was in reasonable condition, with the greens on the C nine slower than the other nine.  The fairways also were not too bad but seemed a bit short of grass.

Golf over and back at Bert’s we were ready for the results, not forgetting this was also the MBMG Group Golfer of the Month award day also.  The winner on the day was Landis Brooks with 38 points ahead of Mashi Kanata with 37 in second and Thomas Johansson in third.

The winner of the MBMG Group monthly award was Landis Brooks having won two competitions in June.  Well done indeed on taking his first MBMG award.

Friday, June 27, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

Today saw us take the relatively short drive to Pattaya Country Club.  This course had fallen off the radar for a couple of years due to a major modification programme, but is back on the rotation on many golf groups and deservedly so.  In addition, there are signs that the weather is returning to more tolerable conditions, and this day was a fine example.  High clouds and a steady breeze kept this almost pleasant for the round.

Friday’s top three (from left) Kenny Chung, Henry O’Brien and Tom Herrington.Friday’s top three (from left) Kenny Chung, Henry O’Brien and Tom Herrington.

Pattaya C.C. gets the award for the ‘most improved’ over the last few months.  Our group had played here a month ago and we were pleasantly surprised to see notable improvements, especially on the back nine greens.  Fairways are very nice, if a little thin in places, but they continue to fill in very well.  They are also generous in their width but the payback is well protected greens with gentle slopes affecting most puts.

The new clubhouse is progressing, maybe a little behind schedule, but it looks like it will be fabulous when completed.  Now if they could just put some flypaper into the current dining area.

Pattaya C.C. is a good site for scoring opportunities, and on this day in particular one golfer took full advantage.  Henry O’Brien smashed the competition with a fantastic 42 points, five points clear of second placed Tom Herrington while Kenny Chung edged out Walter Baechli on count back for third, both with 36 points.  In fifth was Landis Brooks with 35.

Congrats to all and see you next time.