Brook back on top at Khao Kheow


The Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday, May 2, Khao Kheow – Stableford

We nearly always book this venue as the first Tuesday outing of the month because, to put it politely, it is a great course and the management here look after us.  We have been booking Khao Kheow for many years now and feel comfortable turning up knowing it will be a relaxed day.

Derek Brook (right) with Dick Warberg.
Derek Brook (right) with Dick Warberg.

The only negative side is that some of our golfers consider the course too difficult for them and sometimes give it a miss.  That really says it all, go here and your golf game will be tested as will you yourself.  Make a bad shot and it is difficult to get back in position without losing a shot.

On this day the test was to be the A & B nines, in that order, and while we know it is a severe test that is what we go to a golf course for.  The weather on the day was really fine at the start but as we approached the last few holes the skies opened and the deluge began.

The fairways all round were good, the rough was as you would expect at KK, and it was apparent as soon as we chipped onto the first green that the putting surfaces were going to be fast, and so it proved.

The biggest worry most of us brought up was that the ball seemed to deviate as it approached the hole.  I thought it was just me but several other players also made the point.  It seemed the hole was always on the slant and the course had been set up with the holes in the most difficult places.  We all suffered from missed puts that should have gone in.  Mind, this is a quality course and they sure know how to screw with your brain.

Back at BJ’s in Pattaya it was soon into the results and this was quite easy, especially on the near pins side as Mashi had a clean sweep, winning them all – a first as far as I can remember.  In the main competition, the winner on the day was Derek Brook with 35 points ahead of Dick Warberg in second with 33 and in third was Landis Brooks with 31.