Brimble on a roll


PSC Golf from The Golf Club

Monday, May 21, Green Valley (white tees) – Stableford

1st Ian Brimble 40pts

2nd Lothar Egger 38pts

3rd JP Thomas 37pts

Rain and lightning greeted our arrival to the Barcelona Valley complex, but things soon turned our way and we mounted the first tee under dry conditions.

As we are all aware, the greens here have been an issue for the last 2 months and are not much better than last week to be honest. I guess there must be too much of a good thing with these rains we are getting, but the greens are still borderline.

The English Texan Ian Brimble was the standout today and that magic 40 brought Ian the gold. Ian plays off 10 these days and has always been a consistent player who keeps out of trouble. At least on the golf course!

Lothar had a great round today and took a break from his beachside hammock to gather up a tidy 38 points on the card.

The little lady is back and J.P. Thomas, playing off a 21 handicap, scored 37 points for third place. Hubby Peter also got into the act with the Caddy Smile near pin to bring home the bacon.

Friday, May 25, Greenwood (white tees0 – Stableford

T-1st Ian Brimble 39pts

T-1st Gavin Brinkworth 39pts

3rd Billy Eyles 37pts

This is not the Greenwood we usually play. It would seem that this lovely golf course has had more than their fair share of the localized rains and many areas should have been marked GUR. Greens were on the slow side but OK and it looked like they were cored a few weeks back.

Scoring was good despite the odd muddy fairway as our ‘lift, clean and place’ policy proved to be the correct option.

Mr. Brimble ruled the day once again but allowed “Curly” Brinkworth to share the glory as both lads tied on 39.

Billy Eyles in the Land of Smiles was a happy chappy and not only claimed third place, but the Caddy Smile near pin as well. Yes, Bill made that birdie putt which leads me to believe it must have been a short one. I.O.U. one little yellow poker chip which will get you a free beer from Scary Mary!