Bramley back with a bang

J.J. Harney, Ron Gale and Robert Cross with his wife.
J.J. Harney, Ron Gale and Robert Cross with his wife.

The Billabong Golf Society

Monday, Jan. 22, Phoenix – Stableford

Phoenix was the venue today for 5 groups of golfers and the weather was exceptional with a lovely breeze blowing to keep things nice and cool.  We played Lakes and Ocean loops and the course was in magnificent condition.

The scoring was ok and there was a count-back for second place between Andy Butterworth and Paul Greenaway, both with 39 points, but with Andy taking the silver.  The winner on the day was the man with the sore back, Dave Bramley, with 40 points and the old saying “beware of the wounded golfer” rang true today.

There were six ‘2’s, coming from John Anderson, Thiery Petrement, Eric Gobert, Peter Ericsson, Steve Dodd and Richard Steadman.

Wednesday, Jan. 24, Green Valley – Stableford

The Green Valley course was in good condition today, which resulted in some impressive scores overall.  19 ladies took the stage with only three scores below 30 points.  Miss Phin, with 36 points, was only one point one behind Miss Sa in third place, Miss Porn played well enough to secure second with 38 but was two behind the winner, Miss On, who had six 3-pointers to finish with 40 points.

In the men’s flight, Peter Thomas occupied fourth with 37 points, one behind Mark Seigal in third.  Peter Le Noury scored a fine 40 points to take second but he missed out on victory by one point to Auke Engelkes who had the best score of the day with 41.

The early morning dew on the greens, perhaps, was the reason that there were only two ‘2’s, going to Julie Battersby and Peter Le Noury.

Friday, Jan. 26, Plutaluang –

Plutaluang was the venue for our monthly scramble, and we had 14 groups playing.  The course was in great condition with the greens extremely fast.

For the first time ever we had a count-back for third place with both teams on a net 60,  One team was on a 4 H/C and the other on 3, with the team on 3 getting the nod with 31 on the back nine.  Second place went to team of Jerry Grocott, Julie Battersby, Steve Dodd and Glyn Davies with a score of 59.6, and the winners were Ron Gale, Auke, J.J. Harney and Robert Cross with 59.1.