Bourke brings home the bacon at monthly medal


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, Feb. 18, Burapha – Stableford

We had thirty-seven players at Burapha on the A and B nines from the blue markers; a great test of golf on a quality golf course.  The day got hotter as we went around but later a light breeze came on the back nine so that helped keep the temperature down.

The course was in great condition but they are heavily watering a number of areas and some players did get some mud on their balls, but that’s the rub of the green.  The fairways were cut and looked great and the ball sat up well.  The greens are at their best at present and are very fast and true.

Paul Greenway (center) presents the Monthly Medal trophy to Paul Bourke (left) with low gross winner, Ian Heddle (right).Paul Greenway (center) presents the Monthly Medal trophy to Paul Bourke (left) with low gross winner, Ian Heddle (right).

Burapha was again heavily booked and we had another slow round but the starter did get us off 30 minutes before our advertised tee time so we were all finished and in the bar by 2.30 p.m.

Welcome back to Wayne Cotterell, Gary Hogg, Bryce Stick, Angus Neilson, Sunanta (Eng) Duangwaw and a new members, Gary Andreen, Peter Skelter and Richard Latham.

Three Divisions plus the ‘2’s and winning Division 3 was John O’Keefe with 36 points, from perennial place getters’ – Tim Knight with 34 points and John Player also with 34.

Eddie O’Neill.Eddie O’Neill.

Division 2 was won by Sel Wegner with the best score of the day of 40 points, from Rosco Langoulant with 35 points and third was Peter Stonebridge with 31, beating Micky Leighton and Kissy Buchanan on a count back.

Division 1 went to Gary Hogg with 35 points, just edging out Angus Neilson on a count back with third spot going to Steve Plant with 33.

There were five ‘2’s from Rick Kaban on A3, Peter Stonebridge and Sel Wegner on B3 and Angus Neilsen on A3 and B3.

Div A (0–13)

1st Gary Hogg (9) 35pts

2nd Angus Neilson (7) 35pts

3rd Steve Plant (13) 33pts

Div B (13–16)

1st Selwyn G. Wegner (13) 40pts

2nd Rosco Langoulant (14) 35pts

3rd Peter Stonebridge (16) 31pts

Div C (16+)

1st John O’ Keefe (16) 36pts

2nd Timothy Knight (21) 34pts

3rd John Player (19) 34pts

Tuesday, Feb. 19, Khao Kheow – Stableford

15 players to play the B and C courses at Khao Kheow where it was bright, sunny and very hot before we were rescued by a breeze with about six holes to play.  The course continues to improve and the fairways and rough had all been cut so the course actually looked a treat.  The greens are as good as any in Pattaya at present and are a credit to the ground staff.

Monday podium placers: John Player, Selwyn G. Wegner, Gary Hogg, Angus Neilson, Tim Knight and Rosco Langoulant.Monday podium placers: John Player, Selwyn G. Wegner, Gary Hogg, Angus Neilson, Tim Knight and Rosco Langoulant.

Supposedly a 10.30 tee off but the starter sent us of at 10.00 and all completed their round in just on 4 hours, and that was very good; as for the first time that I can remember walkers were in the majority and buggies were in the minority.

Just as an aside there was a match between the ‘Poms’ and the Colonials on one side and the ‘Sweaty Socks’ on the other and the Poms and Colonials got up to win 2 and 1.  Also goodbye to Michael Omiya who played with us for the last time this trip, have a safe journey home.

One Division plus the ‘2’s and the winner with a good score of 38 points was Murray Hart who continues up the front of the “Race 2 Bangkok’.  Second was Lamduan Keddie with 37 points from Steve Plant with 36.  Fourth spot went to Capt’ Steve on count back over Michael Omiya and Wanta Dacha, all with 35 points.

There were three ‘2’s to Murray Hart, Lamduan Keddie and Wanta Dacha.

1st Murray Hart (15) 38pts

2nd Lamduan Keddie (18) 37pts

3rd Steve Plant (13) 36pts

4th Stephen Mann (11) 35pts

Wednesday, Feb. 20, The Emerald – Stableford

Twenty-two players went down to Emerald today for a later than usual tee-time, but the course was not that busy and we were away ahead of our official time.

The course was in satisfactory condition although the greens were a little slow but neither prevented Eddie O’Neill recording his first ever victory with the Outback, with the day’s top score of 40pts, well done Eddie!  He won Div B ahead of Pat Culloty (37) and Greg Hill on 36.

Irishman, Conner Doyle took Div A with 36 from Ian Heddle & Paul Greenaway tied on 35.

Welcome to WeiWen Tseng from Taiwan and thanks to Tim Knight for running the day.

There were four ‘2’s from Conner Doyle (13th), Paul Greenaway (15th) and Ian Heddle got two, one on the 13th and the other on the par 4 17th , good shot Ian!

Div A (0-18)

1st Conner Doyle (12) 36pts

2nd Ian Heddle (2) 35pts

3rd Paul Greenaway (9) 35pts

Div B (18+)

1st Edward O’ Neill (36) 40pts

2nd Patrick Culloty (22) 37pts

3rd Greg Hill (19) 36pts

Wednesday, Feb. 20, Siam Plantation – Stableford

One short today with only 19 players going to Siam Plantation as unfortunately we couldn’t get a reserve for a late withdrawal.  The Tapioca and Pineapple courses off white are very short and I think to be fair to all players, if we play these courses then we should play some blue and white tees to make the distance up to around 6,400yds.

The course itself was in good condition but like a lot of courses at the moment they seem to be over-watering them and there was no run on the fairways and if you pitched short of the green the ball sometimes plugged, those that flighted the ball to the green found them very receptive, especially the long hitters who were only playing wedges to the green.  As per usual though the staff looked after us and the course is a pleasure to play even if a little short.

Only one division and the scores in my book reflected the shortness of the course, especially for the low handicappers.  The winner for the second week in a row was Ron Dickie with 41 points, from Ole Gotfredsen with 39 points who beat new Plantation member, Art O’Connor on a count back.  Fourth was Geoff Stimpson with 38 points who beat Peter Eriksen also on a count back.

Only one ‘2’ to Ole Gotfredsen on Pineapple 8.

1st Ron Dickie (8) 41pts

2nd Ole Gotfredsen (10) 39pts

3rd Arthur O’ Connor (13) 39pts

4th Geoff Stimpson (7) 39pts

5th Peter Eriksen (5) 38pts

Friday, Feb. 22, Green Valley – Medal

Friday saw 49 players go to Green Valley for our Monthly Medal round sponsored by Take It Easy Car and Bike Rentals – thanks to Paul Greenaway for his sponsorship.  The day was hot and sunny with a quite strong breeze to start with which made some holes play very long and others short but about halfway through the round, the breeze disappeared it became very hot and humid.

The course was in good condition and all fairways, rough and greens had been cut.  The greens were good to putt on but some were receptive and others weren’t – so some balls stopped on the greens and other took a big bounce off, just the rub of the green.

The starter got us away on time and the front five groups all finished in under four hours, but then gaps opened up with some groups taking nearly five hours, even if we were playing stroke.

Welcome back to Gerry O’Dwyer, Peter Macnoe, Michael Padilla, Mark Gagliardi, Jon Goddard and last but not least, nearly missing his tee-time altogether as his plane was delayed three hours, Graham Holmes.

As is now the norm with our Monthly Medals, there are no divisions and the first 10 places all finished on the podium, thus collecting double points for the “Race 2 Bkk”.  Interestingly enough, the grading of handicaps for those first ten places was well spread, with three single figure, three over 20 and the remainder somewhere in between.  So you lose again Tim!

The day belonged to Paul Bourke with a net 68 to beat Peter Lenoury by one shot; these two were two clear of Bob Lindborg on 71.  The ‘Low Gross’ medal went to Ian Heddle for his 77.

There were six ‘2’s from Paul Bourke & Bob Finley (9th), Peter Lenoury & Bernie Stafford (12th) and Peter Eriksen & Ian Heddle (16th).

1st Paul Bourke (11) 68pts

2nd Peter Lenoury (10) 69pts

3rd Bob Lindborg (22) 71pts

4th Angus Neilson (7) 72pts

5th Murray Hart (15) 72pts

6th John Player (19) 73pts

7th Peter Eriksen (5) 74pts

8th Sunanta Duangwaw (29) 74pts

9th Jittina Tinpranee (26) 74pts

10th Ian Heddle (2) 75pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  Call Jack on 081 578 1956.