Bob Van Mol takes line honours

Gerard, John and Bob.
Gerard, John and Bob.

PSC Billabong Golf Jan 20

Monday, Jan. 20 Phoenix Gold Ocean & Mountain Stableford


The word going round is there is no high season this year. Well, if the golf courses we play are any indication, that information can’t be right. The Billabong played Phoenix Gold Monday on the Ocean and Mountain loops and all three of the nines were packed tight with golfers of all persuasions – and the golf just flowed along with no holdups at all.

The course was in great condition although the greens had been lightly sanded and were a little slower than normal. On hindsight, maybe we should have played lift clean and place as the course was a little wet in some places, too, but we all played the same course and the scoring wasn’t too bad.

Apart from Captain Cripple and Jimmy Jarvis, everyone scored in the high 20s. Thankfully there was a lot of high clouds to keep the heat out and make it a good day for golf.

There was a count back for the minor placings between Gerard Lambert and Barry Lewis, both scoring 35 points, with Barry taking 4th and Gerard taking 5th. Jerry Grocott took 3rd place with 36 points, John Locke took 2nd with 37 points and Bob Van Mol took line honours with a fine 39 points and promptly rang the bell for drinks all round.

Strangely enough, there were no twos recorded.