Birch the best at Bangpra


PSC Golf from The Golf Club

Monday, May 9, Green Valley (white tees) – Stableford

1st Peter LeNoury (12) 34pts

T2nd Michael McCluskey (16) 32pts

T2nd Phil Smedley (16) 32pts

The heat continues unabated and no one seems to be doing anything about it.  We try to get out to the courses a bit on the early side so as to wrap things up by 1:30 – 2:00 and get out of the heat. +

(From left) Corey Cusatis, Stu Olver and 5-star Kenny with Fred Birch.

It was baking out at Green Valley today and we found the fairways and even the rough were very dry.  There is only so much water to go around so naturally it is reserved for the greens and fringe areas around it.  You usually had tight lies on the fairways, but all was playable.  None of our golfers found the green on the last par-3 for the near pin prize.  Time for our first carry-over!

Only 16 hearty lads made it out today and Peter LeNoury found himself the winner with 34 points.  Second spot on the podium was shared by Mike McCluskey and Capt. Phil on 32.

Peter will be back in Guernsey by the time you read this, which brings an end to a very good run of golf over the last 2 months.  See you in a few months mate!

Tuesday, May 10, Bangpra (white tees) – Stableford

1st Fred Birch (21) 35pts

2nd Stu Olver (9) 32pts

3rd Corey Cusatis (20) 30pts

It is always an interesting day of  golf when we have Bangpra on the schedule.  You just never know what to expect out here in the jungle with a mix of monkeys, monitor lizards and amazing birds at your doorstep.  The lakes and ponds were quite dry as water levels are struggling everywhere this summer.  Fairways and rough were surprisingly green and very playable although it was unusual to see the greens on the slow side for once!

Steve Ellison (left) with Michael McCluskey and Kemmy Aihara, wai not?

We had a full sheet of 20 golfers out today and Khun Sangket provided the extra transportation once again.

Our new near pin comp is held on the last par-3 of the course played and is a voluntary 50 baht donation, with half the funds going to our Caddy Smile programme.  On Monday we had our first carry-over so double the pot went to Corey Cusatis for today’s effort.  Corey knocked it closest on the very long 17th that was playing about 180 yards from the whites today, missing the birdie but bagging his par.  I think anybody would be happy to walk off this green with a par!

Fred Birch came out on top of the podium as a 35 on the cards was plenty enough to beat Stu Olver’s 32  points.  Nice to see gentleman Fred getting back into form.  There was Corey again in the spotlight as the par-3 winner ended up with 30 points to get third place.  Nice shootin’ Mr. Cusatis!

Thursday, May 12, Burapha C & D (white tees) – Stableford

1st Steve Ellison (20) 40pts

2nd Cedric Allan (28) 39pts

3rd Michael McCluskey (16) 38pts

4th Kenny Aihara (5) 36pts

It had been ages since we were last out here but this summer we plan to visit Burapha on a more regular basis.  Today we found the C and D nines on the menu, and these tracks were in great shape.  Just driving in from the gates you could tell how lush the course is being kept.  Full credit to those greenskeepers for a job well done!

We had another great turnout of 22 golfers today, and this is supposed to be the low season.  I think the popularity of Burapha is apparent, and I guess that is why they have so many Asian Tour events here.

It is rare to have a whole week go by without seeing Kenny Aihara’s name on the leaderboard.  Today Kenny just squeaked through and his 36 got his name in lights.  Of course, there must be more to his story, and it was also Kenny that claimed the Caddy Smile near pin prize as well!

I almost forgot to mention, on the 12th hole we actually got some rain!  What a blessing as the heavens opened up (for 8 minutes anyway) and things cooled down considerably.  Rain covers duly went on our bags quickly and we even had a bit of rolling thunder in the distance for added drama.  Unfortunately it went away just as fast as it came in.

The beauty of Burapha.

A notch higher on the podium we found Mike McCluskey with a terrific 38 on the card.  Mike took sole third spot before he returns to work for a few months.  Nice having you with us Michael!  One shot better was Cedric Allan with a fine 39.

What can I say about today’s winner?  I think this victory shows that on any given day, anybody can win at this crazy game.  Yes, t’was me who clobbered together my first 40-pointer in years and bumbled along to fire just one shot better than the other guys.  I should give thanks to Jimmy Brackett who, like Peter Frampton, showed me the way.  Jim had a string of amazing approach shots (as seen on T.V.!) and great playing with him, Frank and Mutzie.  Sure felt sweet to find a little bit of that mojo again, baby!

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