Bill & Bruce team up for victory at Eastern Star


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, Jan. 6, Pleasant Valley – Stableford

It was a 45 minute drive up the 7 from Siam Cats and as we arrived the course looked very quiet.  We had 7 four-balls out today with the equal cut at 6-16 and 17+ in the two divisions.

Max Alabor won division 1 with 36 points while in second place Harry Vincenzi beat Lindsay Phillips on a 23/20 back-nine count back after they both came in with 34 points each.  There were a few cheers back at the Cats for this result.

Lindsay Phillips, Max Alabor and Harry Vincenzi.Lindsay Phillips, Max Alabor and Harry Vincenzi.

Miss Nut, still playing off the white tees, came in with 36 points to top division 2, beating Pepo Frick 8/7 on the back three holes after scoring 19 each on the back nine and 13 on the back six.  Chris Reed was in third place on 35.

Near pins went to Max Alabor (2), Lindsay Phillips, Jim Connelly, Ray Gott, Chris Reed and David Taylor.

It was Bon Voyage today to David Taylor, heading back to the UK.

Wednesday, Jan. 8, The Emerald – Stableford

Standing on the first tee there was a lovely cool breeze blowing and this lasted throughout the round today, which was enjoyed by all ten groups.

We had three divisions out with the cut at 6-15, 16-20 and 21 plus and the best score returned was in division 3 with Pepo Frick winning with 38 points.  Erkki Pohja came in second on 33 and Jim Connelly took third with 32.

Chris Reed claimed bragging rights in division 2 with 35 points, one ahead of the Welsh boy Curtis Hessler in second and Harry Vincenzi was third with 31 points.

After his return back from the UK, Pete Sumner lost out 14/10 on a back six-count back to Max Alabor in division 1 after they both came in with 35 points each.  Mr. Happy, alias Bryan Rought was third with 32.

Near today went to Max Alabor, Dennis Scougal, Volker Suhr, Chris Voller, William Chang (2) and Chris Reed.

Friday, Jan. 10, Eastern Star – 2-person scramble

Another fun game today courtesy of the rollover kitty, a 2-person scramble with one person from division 1 (handicap 1-16) and one from division 2 (17+) making up each pairing.  There were 19 groups out today with a 40% combined handicap allowance for the team and there had to be 7 drives counting from each player on the card.

Bill Bertram, playing off 12, and Bruce Gardner off 20 won the scramble event with a fine 49 points, three ahead of Pete Sumner and Jim Sims in second while Andy Baber and Rod Howett beat Dennis Scougal and Jim Connelly 23/22 on the back nine for third after both teams came in with 45 points each, but they were all in the winning pot.

Individual near pins were claimed by Bill Bertram, Wilf Latham, Ron Miller, Volker Suhr, Alan Duckett, Pepo Frick and Ray Gott.

Team near pins went to Wilf Latham & Iain Walsh, Grenville Hill & Alan Duckett, Jin Connelly & Dennis Scougal, Frank Kelly & Joe Kubon, Terry Madsen & Chris Reed, and Bill Bertram & Bruce Gardner while the longest drive prizes were won by Pete Sumner and John Bisceglio.

The pairings of Bill Bertram & Bruce Gardner, Terry Madsen & Chris Reed, Horst Starchl & Pepo Frick and Max & Lee Casey shard the team ‘2’s kitty.

It was another game enjoyed by all and our next fun day is at Mountain Shadow on the 20th, a pairs multiplier.