Bell beats the weather for Pattavia win


Travellers Rest Golf Group

In a week badly affected by the weather the TRGG only managed to complete two golf competitions on Monday and Friday.  The proposed trip on Wednesday 29th October to Treasure Hill didn’t even get past the signing in stage with those who did turn up looking like drowned rats.  The decision was quickly made to abandon the day and stay in the dry, although by midmorning the sun was back out …typical!

The rainy season in Thailand seems to get later every year and it is to be hoped that the old wives tale that the rain disappears after Loi Krathong, which takes place this week, turns out to be true.  We shall see.

Monday, Oct. 27, Plutaluang – Stableford

On Monday the TRGG, for the second week running, set off to play Plutaluang (North and West courses) and although we started in sunny weather the umbrellas were soon out and playing conditions became a lottery, which not too many of the contestants managed to win.  Hardy old stagers came to the fore and shrugged off being soaking wet to record some pretty good scores.

Ian Bell - winner at Pattavia Century.Ian Bell – winner at Pattavia Century.

Mike Rushant, who is small enough and wiry enough to dodge between the rain drops, came home with a remarkable 37 points.  The previous week I described him as a pocket battleship but this week he became a destroyer, a destroyer of all his competitors.

Scotsman Neil Bramley and Irishman Fergus Brennan, a couple of old seadogs who are used to bit of driving rain, fought it out for second and third place and were only separated after a count back, Neil winning out this time.

1st Mike Rushant (12) 37pts

2nd Neil Bramley (8) 36pts

3rd Fergus Brennan (13) 36pts

Friday, Oct. 31, Pattavia – Stableford

With Wednesday being a wash out we jump forward to Friday and a return visit to Pattavia Century.  Now I want to start by congratulating the management and greens staff of this course for its truly magnificent condition.  Having played it in the old days, when despite having some interesting holes it was always a little scruffy round the edges, to see it now in such exceptional condition despite the bad weather it is a big “well done” from all at the TRGG.  I can assure you that you will be seeing a lot more of us in the future.

Again it turned out to being another guy used to bad weather and another Scotsman, Ian Bell who shone on the day although it took a while before he got up a head of steam.  It was his 23 points on the back nine that shot him to the top of the leader board.

Aussies can be a load of old jessies when it comes to bad weather so it was a surprise to see an Aussie snatch second place.  Ted Senior, who still retains a perfect English accent, was that man and being one of his playing partners I can assure you he handled the odd downpour in a very professional manner and continued with his “A” game.  I managed to sneak into third place but I am used to having a big dark cloud above my head when it comes to golf.

1st Ian Bell (7) 38pts

2nd Ted Senior (15) 35pts

3rd Andy Rich (20) 34pts

Good luck to all you golfers for the coming week and if you would like to play a round of golf with the TRGG please phone Fergus Brennan on 086 056 7019 or pop into the Ned Kelly Bar in Soi Lengkee and add your name to the weekly lists which are posted on the notice board.