Beaker’s big score


The Backyard Golf Society

It is not often that a 41 point round plays second fiddle in a golf report but Michelle’s post-game antics at the Backyard Golf Society’s game last week stole the show.  Not only did Michelle attempt to check out George’s undercarriage, he also tried to purchase a rather large set of under-garments and saw double all the way home. 

Ok, on to the golf.  The winner at Emerald on Friday, August 30 was Beaker Larsen, his 41 points blitzing the field.  His 17 handicap was certainly generous and will be adjusted down accordingly for his next trip to Pattaya from Montevideo.

Beaker Larsen celebrates his win with the staff at Blue Sky Bar.Beaker Larsen celebrates his win with the staff at Blue Sky Bar.

The near-pin prize was won by Jimmy ‘2 Stone’ – his umpteenth win on the short but tricky par three 15th hole at Emerald.

There was a good spread on the skins with 7 to Beaker, 5 to Passport Control (currently single-ish and still awaiting Yaya’s return), 4 to Michelle and 1 each to Dan the Diet Whiskey Man and The Quiet Man Anderton.

Down the road for a few cleansing ales where Michelle’s afore mentioned antics keep everyone entertained even if she could not recall all the details the next day.