Bartley tops international podium


The Phoenix Members G.O.L.F. Society

The previous week both Joe Miller and your scribe scored 76 and 78 gross respectively to record 42 points each.  Joe’s was on the Tuesday and mine on the Friday.  Strangely enough we were both paired together in our own four-ball during today’s competition, July 24, and, yes you guessed, we were both brought back to reality, losing money to our opponents.  Never mind, as an old dog it was nice to have the day.

This week it was John Bartley who played the best with a fine knock of 37 points to claim first place, with Giorgio Baccioli in second place on 34 points, beating Tim Mason on count back.

Tuesday’s winners with the staff at The Relax Bar. Tuesday’s winners with the staff at The Relax Bar.

Luckily we also had a hidden pairs comp as well and Tim was drawn out of the hat to partner John Bartley for both of them to claim the pairs comp.

Near pins went to Bob Neylon, Giorgio Baccioli and Joe Miller, and then it was onto the lucky draw for those who had not won anything.

Our hosts The Relax Bar always donate the lucky draw prizes it has to be said you could not wish for a nicer venue for the presentation.  Winners of the lucky draw were Stuart Gordon (free massage), Mike Gerrard (free drink) and Joris Goetschalkx (free drink).

As you may have noticed, the sub-heading shows a new name for our group – The Phoenix Members G.O.L.F. Society.  This was voted in by all the existing players after a survey and replaces the old name of the Phoenix Tuesday Group.

Our main criteria for anyone who would like to join is as follows: The group is open to all male only players who have an official handicap of no more than 28.  Players who are not members of Phoenix Golf Club who may wish to join us are very welcome and in the low season their green fees will be at Sports Day rates (Tuesday 800 baht, Friday 900 Baht).  In the high season guests can enjoy a special green fee rate of 1.000 Baht as a guest of the members.

Note in the high season we only allow 7 groups to play so as not to have too much waiting time before and after the game.

For more information regarding golf at Phoenix and sea fishing, contact me (Mike) on 087 091 7565.