Barry Murnin is Bunker Boys Champion 2012


Bunker Boys @ The Bowling Green

Monday, Feb. 13, Crystal Bay A & B – Medal

We had a good turnout today for the first of two medal rounds to decide the annual Bunker Boys Champion.  A few members elected not to play in the championship, due to their dislike of playing medal, but it was their loss as the course was in good shape and a great day was had by all.  Most players enjoyed the change of format, which is after all the real game, and many expressed a desire to play more medal rounds in the future.

The best score of the day was produced by Barry Murnin, shooting a round of net 68 to take a narrow lead over Mike Corner, into the deciding second round.

New Bunker Boys champion Barry Murnin. New Bunker Boys champion Barry Murnin.

A Flight

1st Tony Robbins (14) net 71

2nd Tony Scambler (8) net 73

3rd Takeshi Hakozaki (14) net 73

B Flight

1st Barry Murnin (16) net 68

2nd Mike Corner (22) net 69

3rd Raleigh Gosney (16) net 70

Near Pins:  Raleigh Gosney (2) and Geoff Parker (2).

Wednesday, Feb. 15, Pattana B & C – Medal & Stableford

The second day of the annual championship had to be hastily rescheduled to Pattana after cancellation of our booking by Mountain Shadow.

The leading contenders for the championship continued their battle playing stroke play and a separate stableford competition was organized to keep the interest of all other players.

The championship was a tense battle to the end with the 3 leading contenders level on the 16th tee, but in the end Barry Murnin managed to keep his game together over the last 3 holes to take the coveted title.  There was a rumour that Barry received some very favourable assistance from a couple of friendly trees, but there’s no taking away the credit from our first American winner.

Geoff Cox ran away with the stableford competition after receiving a putting lesson from former champion John Hughes, so there must surely be a beer due to John there.


1st Barry Murnin (16) net 142

2nd Mike Corner net 144

2nd Tony Robbins net 144


1st Geoff Cox (15) 41pts

2nd Colin Greig (12) 38pts

3rd Rab McDonald (15) 37pts

4th Tony Robbins (14) 35pts

Near Pins:  Paul Edgar, Dave Walter and Takeshi (2).

Friday, Feb. 17,Khao Kheow C & B – Stableford

Regrettably we had to leave two late arrivals behind today, due to a shortage of transport, which serves as a timely reminder to all members of the need to get to registration on time.

Everything went smoothly during the round until the first group reached the 17th hole when the heavens opened, which left most players completing the final few holes in a torrential downpour.

Colin Greig produced the best round of the day, beating new arrival Mike Whelan on a count back to win the A flight. There was a similar outcome in the B flight with Skinny Newton taking the honours for the first time this visit, and firmly declaring that no rain, thunder or lightning was going to deny him the opportunity of getting one over Geoff Parker, for the first time in Bunker history.

A Flight

1st Colin Greig (12) 37pts

2nd Mike Whelan (14) 37 points

3rd Rab McDonald (15) 32pts

B. Flight

1st “Skinny” Newton (28) 34pts

2nd Geoff Parker (16) 34pts

3rd Gez Williams (22) 32pts

Near Pins:  Paul Edgar, Geoff Parker, Mike Whelan and Syd Harris.

Note:  Following the recent demise of the Bunker Bar, the Bunker Boys now play out of the Bowling Green on Soi X-Zyte between Pattaya 3rd Road and Soi Buakhaow.  We play three times per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so if you enjoy a fun day out, and a friendly but competitive golf competition why come and join us.  We meet at the Bowling Green at 9 a.m. For more information call Dave on 087 146 9978, email dave.evelyn18