Barnet tops high scoring day at Burapha


Jomtien golf with the IPGC

Monday, Sept. 2, Plutaluang – Stableford

As I have mentioned before, we alternate our courses every three weeks we were here today to play probably everyone’s favourite two nines at Navy, the North and the West.  There were a few clouds hovering over the course as we approached the turnoff on the 332 but these soon dispersed as we stood on the first tee. 

The split was 6-20 in division 1 and 21 plus in division 2 for the stableford competition and the best score recorded came in the first division from the Bristol boy Bob Poole with 36 points.  Bryan Rought placed second on 34 and in third place was Kari Kuparinen, playing off 6, who beat Lindsay Phillips on an 18/17 back nine count back for third after they both scored 33 points.

Bryan Rought.Bryan Rought.

Rod Howett topped division 2 with 35 points ahead of Andy Crabb on 34 and David Phillips on 33.

Near pins went to Lindsay Phillips, Bryan Rought (3), Rodney Howett (2) and Glen King.  Lindsay Phillips birdied the 3rd hole on the West course for the only ‘2’ in division 1 and in the second division there was a rollover to Burapha on Wednesday.

Wednesday, Sept. 4, Burapha – Stableford

Seven groups out today with a field of 28 players and we were playing the A and B courses.  Last time we were here three weeks ago we played off the blue tees with a yardage of 6733 yards and there were many moans on that occasion, so this time we selected the white tees at 6218 yards and after the round there were many grumbles regarding how short the course was, especially in division 1 with the scores coming in so high.

We have decided in future when we play here that irrespective of the number of players, Division 1 will always be 1-16 off the blue tees and division 2 off the whites in a separate competition as always.

Jason Barnet, playing off 4, shot a gross 70 to win division 1 with 42 points while Kari Kuparinen (off 6) returned a score of 41 points (gross 73) to take second and Lindsay Phillips beat Iain Usher on an 18/15back-nine count back for third after they both came in with 40 points each.

The division 2 winner was is Gordon Everingham with 34 points, one ahead of Jimmy Johnson in second, and Ian Wilson was third with 32.

Near pins were claimed by Jason Barnet, Mike Chatt, Karl Flood (2), Bruce Gardner, Rod Howett and Anna Marie Usher (2).

Karl Flood birdied A6 for the only ‘2’ in division 1 while Jimmy Johnson had a ‘2’ on B8 and picked up two rollovers from the last two matches in division 2.

Friday, Sept. 6, Eastern Star – Stableford

There have been a lot of improvement to this course over the past few weeks, and quite a few mentioned this in the clubhouse afterward today’s round.  The greens were better than we’ve seen for awhile, the fairways with running stripes were good and the semi rough around the water holes has been improved.

Anna Marie and Ian Usher.Anna Marie and Ian Usher.

The equal cut today was 4-14 in division 1 and 17+ in division 2 and the best score came in division 2 from Paul Hartley with 37 points.  Iain Walsh followed Paul onto the podium in second on 34 and the organizer took third with 31.

Tony Oakes topped division 1 with 34 points, beating Frank Kelly on a 17/14 back-nine count back, and Jason Barnet was third one point behind after edging Kari Kuparinen on an 18/15 count back.

Kari was not too upset as he birdied the 6th for the only ‘2’ in division 1 and the ‘darkside’ boy Andy Baber got a ‘2’ on the third from around six feet away from the pin for the only one in division 2.

Near pins were won by Jason Barnet, Marty Rock (2), Andy Baber, Paul Hartley and Iain Walsh.

We had to say bon voyage today to Anna Marie and Ian Usher – we hope to see you again soon!


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