Bangpra beats the field


PSC Golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, Nov. 10, Burapha – Stableford

The five groups playing Burapha were back on the more favoured A and B course from the white tees; carts were restricted to the rough though I thought the fairways were fine.  As usual we were away early but our first group soon caught up with slow groups which I guess is only to be expected now the high season is here. 

The winner on c/b with 39pts was Bob Finley from John Cunningham, while Pete Stonebridge was third with 38, Barney Clarkson took fourth and Tim Knight finished in fifth.

From left: Chris Thompson, Sugar Ray (with the new bar pup, Jackie) and Murray Hart.From left: Chris Thompson, Sugar Ray (with the new bar pup, Jackie) and Murray Hart.

We said farewell to Les Easton and also to Garry Appleby.

A lucky 16ft putt gave Tim the only ‘2’ of the day.

1st Bob Finley (12) 39pts

2nd John Cunningham (06) 39pts

3rd Pete Stonebridge (17) 38pts

4th Barney Clarkson (27) 34pts

5th Tim Knight (24) 33pts

Wednesday, Nov. 12, Bangpra – Stableford

It doesn’t get any better than this, a beautiful bright sunny morning on a course that is absolutely stunning, but perhaps it does (get better I mean) as the scoring was awful to say the least.

Best score of the day was a lowly 31pts meticulously put together by Dennis Pelly.  Second was Tim Knight with a talented 27, beating Kim Danboise on c/b.  Why was the scoring so bad?  The rough was wicked and the greens were very fast, so now you know.

If you fancy your chances of beating this course, we’re back here again at 8.15am on Weds 26th November.  General Jack will put a bonus of 500 baht’s worth of drinks back at the bar to anybody that plays better than their handicap (only valid on the day)!  Don’t forget to sign up and pay in advance.

There were no ‘2’s.

1st Dennis Pelly (11) 31pts

2nd Tim Knight (24) 27pts

3rd Kim Danboise (15) 27pts

4th Jack Moseley (22) 26pts

Friday, Nov. 14, Green Valley – Stableford

At last the weather is cooling down as the humidity decreases and I hope that the rainy season has at last finished; with a gentle breeze it seemed that today was a perfect day for golf for the 28 players.

Just about everyone was at the first tee at 9 a.m. and the starter tried to get us off then but we decided to wait for ten minutes as some people were still on the putting green.

Talking about putting, the greens were very slow but obviously perfect for a few players as you can see from the results, which were generally very good.

Murray Hart led the way in Div A with an impressive 40pts, two clear of Kim Danboise (38) with Peter Nixon one further back on 37 and John Cunningham (36).  Top score of the day was recorded by Chris Thompson with an excellent 42pts playing off 27, with Tim Knight playing most of the holes today to reach a total of 39 in second place.  Third was Gerry Roche, also on 39, missing out on c/b as did Suzi in fourth spot.

Welcome to Dick Laidlaw a friend of Peter Nixon’s, here for a while to get a handicap he hopes.

There were four ‘2’s from Sugar Ray (5th), JP Maffray (8th), John Cunningham (12th) & Peter Nixon (16th).

Div A (0-17)

1st Murray Hart (11) 40pts

2nd Kim Danboise (15) 38pts

3rd Peter Nixon (12) 37pts

4th John Cunningham (06) 36pts

Div B (18+)

1st Chris Thompson (27) 42pts

2nd Tim Knight (24) 39pts

3rd Gerry Roche (20) 39pts

4th Suzi Lawton (25) 39pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  Call Jack on 081 578 1956.