Australians win yearly golf challenge from the Caddyshack


Green Valley Country Club

The Caddyshack hosted the yearly tournament against an Australian group of golfers from Perth Australia, which consisted of 12 golfers from each team.  Last year the Caddyshack team won in convincing style and were favourites to retain the cup.

But what they didn’t take into consideration was that the Aussies were going to put up a fierce fight.  They took the Caddyshack by complete surprise and after the final pairing came in the match was tied at 6 games each.

The winning Australia team. The winning Australia team.

The format is that it goes down to the captains’ scores.  Bruce Toillet from team Caddyshack had scored 34 points but George May from team Aussie had his best round to date with 39 points, which gave them the victory.

The celebrations started immediately at the Caddyshack with taunts Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.  If there was an award for the most beer drunk they would have won that by a country mile.  The spirits were high and the celebrations went on well into the early hours.

Our thanks go out to George May and Mel McGowan for organising this great event and we look for forward to winning the trophy back off you next year.