Athletes hit the stairs at Hilton


Hilton Pattaya held its annual energy conservation campaign for Earth Hour on March 16.  Non-essential lights were switched off as focus switched to the hotel’s main entrance, which was the starting point for the 3rd annual staircase race challenge for athletes to scale 34 floors in the shortest possible time, promoting the conservation of energy by using the stairs instead of elevators.

Over 100 participants took part in the event and the rules were very simple: everybody started from the ground floor and had to ascend to the rooftop over a total of 660 steps under their own power, either running or walking.  The race was separated into 4 categories, including men under 40 (winner Sumet Kongyai: 5.45 minutes), women under 40 (winner Torapakor Jirawattanachok: 7.15 minutes), men over 40 (winner Matthew Rain: 7.08 minutes) and women over 40 (winner Krithikarn Srikwan: 15.04 minutes).

All winners received a medal for their participation and efforts. Also, the ‘Healthy Club’ received medals as well for the best dressed team.

The race kicks off from the ground floor of the building.

Competitors had to engage low gear to make it to the top.

Participants pose for a group photo on the 34th floor of the Hilton Pattaya hotel.