Arnold makes winning return


PSC golf from Blue Moose Sports Bar

Monday, Sept. 10, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

Three groups teed off for Monday golf with the Blue Moose at Pattaya Country Club.  Included in the players was our ever-present ladies group – 3 this week (Noy was MIA).  Some of the usual golfers stayed behind to watch Sunday night football at the Moose, accounting for the sparse turnout.

Arnold Van DeGraaf was back in town and took first place with a score of 41 points.  Dale Murphy meanwhile was back in form with a score of 40 points to take second place while Bobby Clark continues his consistent golf with 35 points for third place.

Dale Murphy, left, with Arnold Van DeGraaf. Dale Murphy, left, with Arnold Van DeGraaf.

Gay Wilanan with her corrected handicap of 40 took first place among the ladies with 32 points.

Wedneday, Sept. 12, Phoenix – Stabeford

Phoenix Lakes & Ocean was the venue this past Wednesday week for the Blue Moose golfers and the course was in good shape, even after very heavy rains the night before.

We started out at 7:40 as the only golfers on the course and our first group of 3 finished the round in 3 hours.  This group included the winner, Matt Miller, who scored 38 points including 3 holes with no score – otherwise known as “blobs”.  Richard Hall came in second with 36 points followed by Larry Emerson with 34 points.

Everyone returned to the Moose where the Blue Moose Manager Gay tested out a new fried chicken recipe which was very good.