Armstrong cooks up a winning score


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, Oct. 29, Green Valley – Stableford

After a hectic and successful week in Chiang Mai the numbers will be slightly lower over the next two weeks with the group recovering from the trip and also there are a few returning to their home countries before their return for the Christmas festivities here.

It was a slightly cloudy day on our approach to the course at Green Valley.  There were seven groups out and it was a slightly slow round (4½ hours), but this is to be expected at the start of the high season.

Tony Kay & Mark Armstrong. Tony Kay & Mark Armstrong.

The Aussie chef Mark Armstrong recorded the highest score of the day, winning division 2 with 38 points (including 23 on the front nine).  Burnie Sinclair took second with 36 points and the Welsh boy Mike Lewis beat Patrick Robinson on a 16/14 back nine count back for third after they both returned scores of 34.

The down under boys were in the limelight, with Tony Kay winning division 1 with 36pts, Mikael Andersson second one point behind and Mike Combs third with 34.

Near pins went to Sid Crawley, Wilf Latham, Raivo Velsberg, Ian Hart, Colin Phillips and Patrick Robinson.

Four ‘2’s in division 1 today from Mike Combs, Dennis Scougal, Tony Kay and Wilf Latham and a rollover in division 2 to Wednesday.

Back at the presentation at Siam Cats there was a warm welcome back to Mike Combs, Jim Connelly and Raivo Velsberg.

Wednesday, Oct. 31, Greenwood – Stableford

We were allocated the B and C courses here today and the majority of the layout was in good condition except for the greens; we will give this place a miss for a month at least.

The equal cut today was 9-17 and 18 plus and the best recorded score came in division 2 with Mike Lewis, playing off 18, scoring 23 on the front nine and 14 on the back to win with 37 points.  The maple leaf boy Gordon Everingham was second one point behind and William Chang took third with 35.

Slightly lower scores in division 1 with Chris Voller beating Bryan Rought on a 17/15 back nine count back after they both came in with 34 points and in third place, riding his bike to every course we play, was Jerry Sweetnam with 33.

Near pins were won by Lindsay Phillips, Iain Usher, Chris Voller, Gordon Everingham and Bryan Rought.

Grenville Hill and Lindsay Phillips birdied the 5th on the B course in division 1 while there were once again no ‘2’s in division 2.

Friday, Nov. 2, Eastern Star – Stableford

Our first game here in two weeks and it had dried out considerably since the last time we played and the greens were the best they have been for a couple of months.

Walter Weber returned from Austria for 8 months to win division 2 with 32 points, beating Tom Novak by one point, and now living in Bang Saray, Bryan Priestley, was third with 29.

In the last group out today Mikael Andersson topped division 1 with 37 points and Chris Voller beat Wilf Latham on a 17/14 back-nine count back for second after they both came in with 33 each.

After returning from Africa, Don Head birdied the 6th and Frank Kelly the 13th to share the ‘2’s purse in division 2 while a rollover in division 1 ensues to next Friday.

Near pins went to Mikael Andersson, Wilf Latham, Chris Voller, Don Head (2), Frank Kelly and Bryan Priestley.

Note:  There is still no information regarding the future of Siam Cats as it is up for sale.  Jomtien Golf with the I.P.G.C will remain here until further notice.