Allidi takes low gross honours at PAGS monthly


Wednesday, April 24 – The Emerald

It was another fantastic day out (in the end) at the Emerald for April’s Pattaya Amateur Golf Series.  Not as many players tee’d it up this month due to lots being absent for the Songkran break but we still managed to get nearly 80 competitors.

The thunder and lightning that hit the course at around 11 a.m. stole the limelight, with us toying with the idea of calling the event off for the first time in its history.  Thankfully the rain only lasted for 45 minutes and the course drained unbelievably quickly, so we were spared.

A Flight winner Jeff Wylie (center) collects his prize.A Flight winner Jeff Wylie (center) collects his prize.

To our surprise, we only lost one player who decided to not go back out.  One guy, who will not be mentioned, even continued his round after an accident in his pants as the lightening came down.

We had nine ladies join us this month which was another pleasant surprise as most didn’t like the idea that we put the ladies from the men’s tee’s with adjusted handicaps.  One lady played particular well in difficult conditions from the men’s tee to score 33 points and grab third place in flight C.  Well done Nut.

All smiles from B Flight winner Staffan Lyrestam (right).All smiles from B Flight winner Staffan Lyrestam (right).

Flight A was won by the popular Jeff Wylie who shot 41 points off a 7 handicap and carded a gross 74.  Jeff probably thought he’d won the low gross too but unfortunately for Jeff he was beaten by Mike Allidi who shot a 73 gross.  Flight B was won by Staffan Lyrestam who supports our event every month so we were sure glad he entered the winning circle.  Flight C was won by Joachin Oestreicher who beat is good friend, Monti into first place with great round of 41 points.

Low Gross

1st Mike Allidi (2) Gross 73

2nd Jeff Wylie (7) Gross 74

3rd WiChai Tananusorn (7) Gross 81

A Flight (0-13)

1st Jeff Wylie (7) 41pts

2nd Mike Allidi (2) 37pts

3rd Paul Bourke (10) 36pts

Flight B (14-18)

1st Staffan Lyrestam (14) 37pts

2nd Andre Fortis (18) 36pts

3rd Dave Done (15) 36pts

Flight C (19+)

1st Joachin Oestreicher (22) 41pts

2nd Monti (24) 34pts

3rd Nut (26) 33pts

Near Pins:  Ken Meek, Ian Wilson (3), Don Head, Jeff Wylie (2), Wichai, Al Griffiths, Jack Grindvold, Paul Bourke, Tony Duthie, Jonny Lindberg, Jon Batty (2).

Long Putts:  Mike Allid, Paul Bourke.

Long Drives:  Ning Neal, Jack Grindvold, Martin Grimolby, Yui Bietry, Paul Greenaway, Thierry Petrement.

Note:  The next PAGS event is at Green Valley on the 29th May.  If you wish to play please call Shane 085 945 9689 or sign up via the Facebook Page:

C Flight winner Joachin Oestreicher (right).C Flight winner Joachin Oestreicher (right).

Low Gross winner Mike Aliidi (right).Low Gross winner Mike Aliidi (right).