A real pea-souper at Pattaya C.C.


PSC golf from the Three Sisters Bar

Three Sisters Golf group began the day in a deep fog… no not the players, although that happens, but the Pattaya Country Club was deep in fog for the first three holes.  

That did not stop our stalwart heroes from whacking away, hoping the caddy had an idea of where their ball landed.  Sometimes finding it was easy when it conked the golf cart of the group ahead!  As it was January 18, the fog conditions seemed a bit early in the season.

Bill Thompson (left) with Paul Kraft (right) and Jan Thorn (center). Bill Thompson (left) with Paul Kraft (right) and Jan Thorn (center).

Back at Caddy Shack II, the cards were tallied.  Coming in first was Bill Thompson with a 40-pointer, followed by Paul Kraft and Jan Thorn, both with 37.  Paul took second on count back but seeing the sad look on Jan’s face, it was decided to put her into the picture also.

Herbie provided what might be called hot dogs but looked more like torpedoes.  They were good and enjoyed by all.